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By dkleinert On 2009.11.23 12:40
Today I called Dr. Bolognesi's (my husband's Orthopedic surgeon) office at Duke Hospital and spoke with his PA. She told me that they perform knee replacement on many PD patients and that no one so far has had any problems with morphine. She also said that Duke has a special Pain Management Team that will be assigned to Joe from surgery onward until he is released to Rehab. She said that Demerol or some of the other pain killers won't be strong enough to manage the pain, she didn't think, but that when I meet the Pain Management Team, that I should voice my concerns to them. She said we will see the Pain Management Team many times per day while he is in the hospital.

She was rather short with me, and sounded like she thought I was over reacting about nothing. I told her I was only concerned because of input I had from others who had family members with PD who had negative reactions to morphine after surgery. She dismissed this. She said she would inform Dr. Bolognesi of my concerns, and ended the conversation.

So, I will indeed speak with the Pain Management Team when I meet them the day of surgery. My sister who is an RN for 30+ years and has had knee replacement surgery voices the same concerns for Joe and the morphine......I don't want to alarm Joe, so I have not said anything to him about this. He is already not sleeping at night because he is so anxious about the pain after surgery, so I have to be careful when I speak to anyone about this, especially if he can hear me. THANK YOU for your input!!

By annwood On 2009.11.23 16:27
My husband took one morephine tablet and was totally out of it for four days. He was hallucinating and just wild. I had given it to him when he fell and fractured a rib. It was one I had left from a surgery. His neurologist later told me that PD pts can't tolerate morephine or Demerol. I would be very concerned about giving it to you husband.

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