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By karolinakitty On 2009.11.26 10:02
On this day of thanks
it's hard to put in words
Our many trials and joys
the pain and laughter too

We see the road ahead
as long and rough and rocky
we never know for sure
what greats us each new day

There's family and friends
and faces still not seen
who see our little journey
as something quite unknown

Yet each day we pull ourselves
up from the darken night
and see a little brightness
in the dreary sky ahead

We come unto a special place
that only we can go
A place where folks are there
that know our secret thoughts

The ramblings are quite freguent
the ventings so heart felt
but never judged for words
we open up our hearts

On this day of thanks
I offer up to all
the thanks for always being here
and caring for each one

The knowledge and the learning
the Yes... I've been there
Gives that little ray hope
We can get through this now

To all the loved ones lost
to all those left behind
we share a special bond.
that only we can have

My special thanks to You
and you and you and you
for giving us ability,
strength, and wisdom too.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you .... your words of wisdom, solace and concern has helped all of us through some tough times. May G_d's Peace be with you on this thankful day. That all we have done was from our hearts and with love that is so pure.

By dkleinert On 2009.11.27 10:25
karolinakitty Thank you for that awesome poem. With tears I appreciate you and your words. Big Hugs. Hoping you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and thank you for being part of us.

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