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By smith2628 On 2009.12.08 13:46
Hi everyone, I have been looking through older posts trying to get some answers and then thought Id just ask. My dad has terrible leg pain at night now. This is new, 3 nights in a row. He says its unbearable. Could this be muscle spasms? His PCP did xrays but we havent received the results yet. Im just wondering if anyone knows how I can releive his pain in the meantime. Thanks

By Mary On 2009.12.08 17:27
My Dad took Advil to help with the pain and we placed a pillow under his legs so they bent at the knees if he slept on his back. He said that helped.

By LOHENGR1N On 2009.12.08 19:21
smith2628, it could be muscle spasms but with Parkinson's it's most likely Dystonia, this can be caused by the Parkinson's itself or as a side effect of medications. I'm surprised His Primary care Physician would do x-rays? As dystonia is fairly common with Parkinson's Disease. You can try massaging the legs to relieve the pain as that sometimes helps. Try a banana or orange also to make sure it isn't dietary. Put a call into His Neurologist as it sounds like the PCP isn't very well versed regarding Parkinson's Disease. Take care, best of luck and hang in there.

By lbellomy On 2009.12.08 20:54
A few years back my husband had muscle spasms/leg pain. Our neurologist gave us a prescription for zanaflex(tizanidine is the generic) and it was a miracle for him.

By Pick On 2009.12.08 21:26
Could you be a little more specific? Does your dad walk around or does he spend most of the day in bed or in a chair? Is there pain in one leg or both? If just one leg, do they appear to be symmetrical in size? Is there anything that relieves the pain (like walking, putting legs up or down, etc.).

Does he have any edema or swelling in his legs? Is the color of the skin "normal"?

By karolinakitty On 2009.12.08 23:43
just to add one more ..... mine gets "charley horses" as we call them... leg cramps ... one slightly uncommonly known reason for these leg cramps, other than PD and Meds is dehydration. Mine has no "sensors" to eat or drink and gets dehydrated sometimes when i'm not on his butt to drink, If your PDr isn't drinking enough add this to the banana and orange ... banana for the potassium level,also when low, can cause leg cramps

By Emma On 2009.12.09 05:58
My husband has leg pain constantly, not just at night. The neuro thinks it's dystonia caused by the medication. He goes to a pain clinic to get injections for his back (lots of problems there not related to Parkinson's) and they seem to help the leg pain a little bit too.

By Emma On 2009.12.09 06:05
Here's another thought ... could it be restless leg syndrome? My husband gets it from time to time, almost always at night. Sometimes it's just uncomfortable, sometimes it's painful. He's basically off Requip now but still has a low dose for when he can't tolerate the restless leg.

By smith2628 On 2009.12.09 11:06
Pick- its his entire legs (both). One knee is swollen but he has gout and that happens ocassionally. The gout thing doesnt explain the whole leg pain issue. Im almost certain its Dystonia.

Thanks for all your replies. I need to get in touch with his neuro to get the right diagnosis and medication. His PCP isnt much help.

BTW does anyone know of shoes that are good for the gait and balance issues?

Thanks !!!!!

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