For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By karolinakitty On 2009.12.10 18:05
I did some writing today. I wrote my Senators, Legislators and SC Voc Rehab (disability determination in SC), about this WAIS-IV test. SURPRISE! I received a response from my local house rep and the determination folks. The rep wants me to gather my information I received online as well as any other sources in the controversies regarding this test. The disability people are going to have another look at his case and see whether all procedures were followed in his determination.

Basically, i wrote one letter and sent it to all. I explained how memory and intelligence don't necessarily go hand in hand. That one can be intelligent, yet not function in memory on a daily basis. I told them how my man was a lifetime member of MENSA and now only has post high school intelligence.
I explained that although the public conception of PD is tremors, that there are many other issues in regards to the disease, as well as the medications and side effects of those. I hope ya'll don't mind but I also paraphrased some responses, not using names of course or anything like that. This is a public, yet to me, private board. I just mentioned that i was part of a support group and the comments were paraphrased to protect others privacy. According to the Reps assistant, they have had issues before with the determination process being biased in it's results of certain tests, and certain doctors they send you to. I told him that my main concern was not our own case but future cases that might be denied due to not understanding certain diseases and their symptoms. That some tests are geared to the "norm" and some diseases are not the "norm". I'll give ya'll updates as soon aas i know something......

By LOHENGR1N On 2009.12.10 19:23
That's great!!!! The karolinakitty roared and was heard! Way to go get um! Congrats! Just goes to show ONE CAN make a difference! Keep up the good work! And keep on them! If We all would band together just think. Sincerely Al.

By Reflection On 2009.12.10 23:41
Bless you - for all of us.

By bandido1 On 2009.12.11 13:53
YOU GO GIRL!! And feel free to disclose the workings of my inner soul if it helps in any way. Bob C

By karolinakitty On 2009.12.15 12:23
I received this email from the Assistant Director of the Disability Determination in South Carolina today..... I had mentioned in my letter to everybody that intelligence and memory do not go hand in hand, especially when dealing with PD and other diseases that have short term memory loss.

Ms Volpe
I have asked the Regional Supervisor to review this case, as well as consult with the SSA in terms of the documentation requirements for this type of impairment.
thank you for you input

Maybe, just maybe somebody WILL listen.......

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