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By lule On 2009.12.21 08:12
This email didnít originate from me, but it reflects my sentiments, so I own it!!

I know it's a bit early, but incase I forget or donít have time or donít make it to get hold of you I am just taking this opportunity to thank everyone , I mean EVERYONE , who made 2009 a fabulous year..
Hoping 2010 will be even better.

∑ For all those I've made promises to and never kept Ėit was not deliberate but I will "improve" in 2010.
∑ Those that I owe lunches, movies, night out , etc..., I'll fix that as well, I'll make time . For sure.

∑ For those that have supported me and made me smile through all my hardships...I salute you! hahaha.
∑ For those I've disagreed with, argued with and just never got along with......well, Iím Sorry!!!!!!! Letís try again next year.
∑ Those that I've hurt.....unintentionally/intentionally....I've already apologized "I'm Sorry" again...
∑ For those that stuck a knife in my back the past is all forgotten.... forgiveness is the best revenge MAYBE!!!
∑ For those that have let me down.....oh well.... I should have known better
∑ All the true friends that I have: you ROCK guys!!.. Awesome!

But all in all, you guys have made 2009 a great year; I wish you and your loved ones prosperity, good health, wealth, happiness, greener pastures, abundant blessings,
∑ And Oh!! a wonderful festive season.

May 2010 be the year you achieve wonderful things in His guid



By LOHENGR1N On 2009.12.21 08:24
Peter! Great to hear from You my Friend!!! How goes it? I hope all is as well as it can be and your holidays are comforting. Again great to see your post!!! Sincerely Al.

By bandido1 On 2009.12.22 10:06
Al, just a note...I'm Bob's spouse. Wanted to let you know that Bob has fallen, has broken his elbow and will be in a skilled nursing facility for approx 3 mos. will keep you posted from time to time. Regards from both of us. Jeanne and Bob C.

By Pick On 2009.12.24 04:13
"forgiveness is the best revenge. MAYBE!!!" Haha, I like how you leave things up in the air, Peter.

Hope have a great holiday and a bright new year. :)

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