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By overwhelmedinFL On 2010.01.03 10:23
Ahhh. This was a big part of my melt down last week. I did not mention it then but need to address it.

Mom needs SEVERAL extractions which will require her to go to the oral surgeon and be "put under" according to the dentist. I have not met with oral surgeon yet because dentist is putting together a plan of what needs to be done.

I have searched the threads about dental info but have not found the info I need. Maybe you cannot give me feedback until I find out what drug oral surgeon plans to use to put her under?

Let me share how the last two weeks of dental stuff has gone. Mom tells me her tooth is sore after her face swells up overnight from infection. It is a Friday and hard to find a dentist. She just moved back here and I found a dentist that would see her. He was great and patient. His entire staff was. Mom has ALWAYS had issues going to dentist..she needs ativan, valium etc to calm down. She hyperventilates in the chair and it is VERY stressful for her.

That day was an emergency visit so no drugs to calm her down. He found she had an abcess and needed antibiotics and a trip to endo to get root canal. He could do root canal himself but felt that endo could do it quicker which was better for mom. He sent us that day to an endo who again was WONDERFUL with mom. They did not use the epinephrine so they had to give her more novicane more often. It was VERY stressful on mom and unfortunatley they could not find the 3rd rood even with their microscopes because there was so much decay under the existing crown. They told us they would have to cut the crown off and now we were looking at 2k instead of 1k. At that time mom said to yank the tooth...but we decided best to go back to the dentist..get full xrays and make a plan. Our plan is to extract and then see how she does without the teeth. Dentist said we can do a partial but that at this point she might not tolerate it and he hates to put her through all the molds and more dentist stuff and $$$$ and then not use it. Refreshing that he just does not want to take our money.

So...this past Wednesday I took mom back to dentist for full xrays. Per her request we got her drugs this time. They prescribed Halcion and I called the MDC to verify it was ok and they said yes. One pill of .25 was prescribed, but we decided to give her 1/2 to see how it went since they were not actually drilling.

She was pretty tired and could not hold xray thing in her mouth. Even without the drug she would have had issues due to her facial tremor. The xrays took 90 minutes!!!! It was horrible, but not due to dentist or staff (they were great).

We finally got her out of there but then she was TOTALLY out of it for 2 days!!!! She wanted to go see her husband in the hosptial because he had hip replacement the night before.. I took her but what a DISASTER!! It was like the movie "Weekend at Bernies". She was dead weight, I had her in a wheelchair because I knew she would be too tired to walk. People were looking at me like I took her from a hospital room to escape. Two days of total confusion, she didn't know what time of day it was, where she had been etc. At the hospital she was demanding hot coffee but by the time she got the cup to her face she was asleep and ready to pour hot liquid on herself. I had to "scold" her a few times and she was angry but I was not safe. Security had to help me get her in the car..she was a noodle.

I am not looking forward to all this dental work with her. Has anyone else had their loved one put under by an oral surgeon?

Please give me any insight that would help with this new journey.

By lynn On 2010.01.03 16:59
See if the dental work can be done in the hospital even if they won't keep her overnight.

By overwhelmedinFL On 2010.01.03 17:03
Just ask the oral surgeon that? And what would be the benefit?

I thought the only issues with sedation and pain drugs was hallucinations, confusion etc... would being in a hospital help that at all?

I am going to her MDC before the Oral surgeon and will ask thier guidance as well.

By Mary On 2010.01.04 09:59
Dad needed soooooooooooooooooooooo much dental work. The oral surgeon just gave him something locally to numb the area, opened his mouth with some kind of device, and worked quickly. Dad did not like the device forcing his mouth to stay open but it was the best choice under the circumstances. Looking back on all of the work Dad had done, I would suggest that unless your loved one is in pain, do not put them through the dental work especially if they are in the end stages. It is not worth the stress to them. Hugs and blessings, Mary

By overwhelmedinFL On 2010.01.04 10:44
So...she has decay but you are saying don't treat unless pain?

I wish I knew if we were in end stages...that would make my life SOO much better. I am squandering her money cuz nobody can tell us 6month or 16 years.

All I know is mom went from walking unassisted albeit a bit wobbly in totally stiff, constantly falling, brain is not making rational decisions, she is starting to forget her meds, she is not sleeping well and unless it is a walk down the hall in her ALF...she is in a wheelchair.

October was the 1st time she failed that balance test at the MDC....I guarantee you she will never pass it again even on a good day.

If I had any idea of how long I could do so much more...but tis the disease I guess. She is going to start to hate me and blame me for not giving her money...but then in the next sentence she is only worried about leaving money TO ME. I don't want her money

sorry....nervous breakdown #3 coming this way.

Thanks for your feedback Mary.

By lynn On 2010.01.04 10:47
My recommendation to see if the work could be done in the hospital was mainly to give you support. You would also need to see if insurance would cover it.

By annwood On 2010.01.04 16:28
I have to agree that dental work should be delayed until there is pain. It results in too much stress for everyone. A root canal is a long and painful procedure. If necessary just pull the tooth instead of trying to save it.

By overwhelmedinFL On 2010.01.04 18:43
we are not doing any more root canals or attempting. There is too much work to be done. BUT...she needs like 4-6 extractions due to bad decay and they need to be done (to my general understanding without our oral surgeon consult) in the oral surgeon office under general anethesia.

So just wait ...wait for pain and do one at a time or do it all at one?

I have an appt on the 13th with the NP at the MDC. Anxious to hear their thoughts on this too.

By Mary On 2010.01.05 17:22
I stressed over Dad's dental problems. I did not know the right answer and looking back I think the dentist could not sort of juggle the dental care necessary with the fact that Dad may not be around much longer and there is a point that the dental care should be about comfort only. I could not make sense of that either because I did not want to admit Dad may not be around for many years to come. But, most importantly, putting Dad through the dental work he needed was very, very hard on him. First of all, getting him to the dentist was hard, getting him from the wheelchair to the dental chair was nearly impossible with the room we had to work with, and then he had to sit for an hour or more getting the dental work done because he needed so many breaks. I think if my Dad needed 4 - 6 extractions, I would probably break that up into two separate visits and try to get an estimate of the time the extractions would take to help me make that decision. For my Dad, I preferred to have him in the dental chair for maximum of an hour per visit if at all possible. Hugs and blessings to you, Mary

By hubb On 2010.01.05 18:14
Our son just had 1 tooth (old root canal w/crown & roots had gotten into sinus cavity of all things) plus a wisdom tooth and he could not take general anethesia so they kept giving him novacaine and were able to do the procedure that way - wonder if there's any chance your dad could get numbed enough to be able to do a couple at a time and not have to undergo anethesia as that seems to be the big bugaboo in getting PD patients back to normal after something else is injected into their systems.

By overwhelmedinFL On 2010.01.06 13:32
Thank all. I will update after speaking with the oral surgeon. Least pain and anesthes is best in my opinion

By overwhelmedinFL On 2010.01.13 22:46
Took mom to the MDC clinic today to address come concerns

swelling in legs, falling asleep mid-day mid-sentence, more falling etc..

at this time we spoke about upcoming dental work. Why are the people at my MDC acting like I am nuts for not wanting my mom to undergoe anesthesia? They are basically saying the risks are the same as anyone that is elderly and if she has a little confusion before surgery it may exacerbated by anesthesia but nothing to worry about.

So frustrating.

I know they probably hate that I google and research but I would expect resistance from a regular neuro or internist...not from a PD movement clinic at a university.

Moving forward with dentist to make plan tomorrow..things pushed back because my dad ended up back in hospital yesterday with plueral affusion in his lung.

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