For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By lynn On 2010.01.03 17:16
When you were at the rough stage of your husband's PD where you had to watch him every minute, was there ever a time when he started to sleep thru the night?

By annwood On 2010.01.03 18:18
No, Once he started the rapid decline he was unable to sleep through the night. He developed the typical "sundowner syndrome" where he would start to become extremely restless in the early evening. He was on massive sleep meds but nothing seemed to work.

By lynn On 2010.01.04 10:43
My husband gears up in the early evening also. Sometimes he sleeps, then other nights he's up until 4 am. You would think the seroquel and klonapin at night would knock him out but it doesn't. He's in assisted living(one that specializes in dementia) but I feel I need to commit to additional help at night to keep him from getting up and falling. The staff is light at night and he's a big guy. It takes 3 of them to shower him. Plan to get a hospice assessment this month.

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