For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By hubb On 2010.01.15 14:29
In a newsletter we received today from a PD Foundation we belong to, there were a couple of items of interest. The first one was about reducing dosage of dopamine agonist drugs (such as Mirapex, Requip, et al) which sometimes causes acute withdrawl symptoms similar to those reported by cocaine addicts, including anxiety, panic attacks, depression, sweating, nausea, generalized pain, fatigue, dizziness and drug cravings. These symptoms can be severe and are not alleviated by other PD medications. This was a study done by NY Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Med Center. In recent years, there have been increasing concerns about DA side effects and particularly the fact that they can cause uncontrolled compulsive behavior. They are warning physicians and their patients to use DAs judiciously and exercise caution when they are tapered.

The 2nd item was an article about a PD patient who underwent 3 hyperbaric treatments as an experiement to see if it would ease any of his symptoms. He was an accomplished scuba diver, so the "man size acrylic test tube" didn't bother him, but the treatments didn't help him either.

The 3rd item was in regard to spouses who provide care to partners with PD are at risk and their health and well being significantly deteriorated. My first thought was tell me something I didn't already know. One fact that was interesting was that with PD patients residing in assisted living facilities, 55% had dementia compared with only 8% of those who remained at home. Depression requiring professional treatment was present in 20% of the caregiver sample, but the article didn't really offer any concrete suggestions other than to utilize the community services, such as home care by professional caregivers, respite caregivers and emotional support groups. If you are caring for a spouse or a parent with PD, know that your care if only as good as your own health and well being.

By annwood On 2010.01.15 15:17
All very interested. The caregiver situation is much like I found in my study and review of the literature - this was for a seminar I gave.

By overwhelmedinFL On 2010.01.15 15:40
Great! We are starting Sunday to wean my mom off of 5mg Requip that she takes 4 times a day.

The weaning is over a 4 week period..then the doctor is increasing her Sinamet over a 4 week period.

Sounds like we could have a ball of fun on our hands.

By LOHENGR1N On 2010.01.15 16:01
hubb, Thanks for the info and sharing it. It makes Me question from a patient's view just how "on board" some Doctors and Neurologists really are. When one will say someone must stop taking their medicines for an operation for a day or so prior while another for several hours before during and after,they shouldn't have any problems with that, and yet another take the med's right up to the time of being wheeled in. We need information like these studies and results to be aired publicly so as to keep some doctors current and up to date. The pharmaceutical Company's come out with these medicines and bonuses for Doctors to prescribe them, I think half the time many doctors don't even know if they work they just take the company's word for it without investigating the drug. (sorry for the rant) Again thanks for the info and educating Us, now We have to pass it on to educate others. I guess we should be thankful we're not walking around with leeches hang from our heads? After all we, patients and our caregivers/partners only live 24/7 with Parkinson's Disease. We shouldn't be informed or knowledgeable, we should just do as the doctor says. Take care, best of luck and hang in there.

By karolinakitty On 2010.01.15 21:18
I guess i found a good doc at this movement clinic, he was upset when he found out his neuro told him not to take his requip before this appoinment. He said he should take it ASAP.....
He also recommended that the mg/dose be reduced but the times a day increased.
AND for the first time I was asked how I was doing...imagine that....
Caregivers must take care of themselves no matter how hard. I try and should practice what i preach. Especially when i need some med attention and can't get it. What a circle we live in Eh?

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