For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By Daddysgirl39 On 2010.01.17 00:37
My dad has had parkinson's for 9 yrs. He has had little
progression till a recent fall. His symptoms were the drawn look.
The tremors were slight, almost un- noticeable. His gait was bad.
He shuffled his feet. He is also a very large man 279 lbs. He's 69
and will prayerfully turn 70 March 8th 2010
On Oct 20th he was home alone and took a fall. He has been known
to self medicate w/ a martini or two before bed. He somehow took a
fall - had a heart attack and laid on the floor for 19hrs screaming for help.
My ten yr old son found him when he got off the bus the next day.
He called 911 and dad was rushed to OR immediate- He had compartment
syndrome along with acute rena;l failure. He was toxic.
He was completely coherent the entire time. He spent six days in ICU (coherent)
then he was moved out. They had his original dialysis stent in his groin but
they moved it to his neck. The anesthesia was a concern, and as we suspected
he went into a stae of confusion- hallucinations were severe. He was said to have a UTI and he was treated for it. He spent the next four - five weeks in a rehab.
facility. Aprox Dec3rd- he started to improve. He stopped talking to the walls.
He really started coming around. We had a truely "blessed" christmas. Sure it didn't compare to yrs past, but my father was alive and seemed to be improving.
He did well through new yrs...every day making progress. Then last thurs. he was
told he had to go and have his dialysis stent in his neck rewired. Again we were
so very worried about anesthesia. They assured my mom they'd just use twilight
sleep whatever that means...needless to say each day since the nightmare gets worse/. HE calls us two -three times a day telling us there are3 men in his room- staring at him or that there's a dog under his bed. Today he said that the terrorists
attacked the united states again and my mother is having an affair w/ her boss.He calls at 2-3 am. Im so tired I work ft and have two small children. Im an only child
and At 39 I wasn't prepared to become a caretaker. Do you think this is realated to
the surgery. How do you know post op vs. next stage. uuuuuuugggggghhh !!!!

By LOHENGR1N On 2010.01.17 01:54
Daddysgirl39. hello and welcome to the forum! Well you're Dad's been thru quite a bit lately. I don't think a martini or two is over doing it My Neurologist told me years ago a drink or two is ok. (That is as long as he has no alcohol problems or related to alcohol). The anesthesia could be causing the problems or the infection could have caused the problems. It takes Us Parkinson's patients quite awhile to recover from both. I'd say post-op verses next stage if it is something that just popped up out of nowhere it's related to infections or the operation or both. I would think if solely Parkinson's the onset would be over time and noticed coming on. Then again it could be medicine or the medicine schedule being upset with the operating and rehab (they sometimes don't understand just how important it is we have our doses ontime). There I've probably got your head spinning and all mixed up by now. It's a mixed up mess with this disease! Glad to have you here, post as much as you need, ask away, there are some great people here to help. Sometimes the answers are easy and straight forward too even. Take care, best of luck and hang in there

By Daddysgirl39 On 2010.01.17 10:39
Would you happen to know how long the delirium will last if it is indeed a consequence of the anesthesia ??? The only thing giving me peace of mind
is that he did clear up and was totally himself over the holidays. The day of the proceedure he was of sound mind and then the very next day he seemed to be week later he has become down right delusional and mean.
He is in a rehab facility...My mom is there constantly and see's inconsistency and
lack of enthusiasm in many of the employee's. They act annoyed when you ask
questions. The other nt. I asked a CNA for help because his water in his oxygen was empty...but I said his oxygen is empty. She sneeered at me...what do you mean..Oxygen cant be empty and really gave me an attitude. My mom and I are
exhausted and very sensitive to others attitudes. Are we able to take him to a
different facility? Will medicare still pay ? After a phone call 3am that he fell out of
bed - I'm so disappointed w/ the care. My mom is affraid to leave him and stays.
The night before his proceedure they took him off his PD meds and he was to fast.
I walked in the next am to find him all upset- the nurses had brought him a tray
and told him to eat. he explained he was not supposed to and they said no its okay. I flipped. He was that delayed his surgery from 10am till 4pm
He waited all that time w/o his meds. He had like I stated earlier- Twilight sleep.
He came through ok and seemed okay. Each day since it has gotten worse. This
has happened before and it took about five wks. for him to come around.
Last time they blamed it on a urinary tract infect and treated w/ antibiotic's.
Can antibiotic treatmt help w/o the presence of UTI ??? I've also heard to check
glucose and electrolytes. Can i give him gatoraid ??? Sooooo confused.

By LOHENGR1N On 2010.01.17 11:13
Ok, 1st I have no idea how long the delirium (if that's what's happening) will last. You should ask his neurologist about it. That's the trouble with a lot of medical services they don't understand Parkinson's Disease and how the whole body is effected by it. To stop taking med's is a very ill responsible common practice! There is a post by hubb, topic; interesting information you should maybe give a look see.

Our med's are closely watched by our neurologists and tweaked so as to maintain the best functioning level we can get. If they are stopped and we are without them it stands to reason we're going to exhibit signs and symptoms of Parkinson's that our med's were helping to control. Needless to say it is going to take time for those medicines to again reach the therapeutic level again. Also you have to watch the schedule of his med's if the bottle say's 4 times a day they will take that as every 5 hours instead of every 4 hours till bedtime. The Doctors have to be specific in the orders otherwise they just dose on their time lines. (again lack of understanding of Parkinson's). As for what medicare will or won't pay I don't know nor do I know about switching facilities. Probably a social worker or someone at council on aging might be of help?

Ask the neuro if it's ok for gatorade I don't think there will be but it is best to always run ideas past his doctor first. Hang on and in there, you're going through a rough stretch right now. Unfortunately problems like you're facing are all too common, and we have to inform and educate as we endure them. Take a deep breath, sip of coffee and let out a big sigh...
Take care best of luck and hang in there.

As always you can email me at if you think I can be of help. That goes for anyone else here on the forum too.

By annwood On 2010.01.17 11:20
In someone your father's age, not to mention his otherproblems, it can take up to 6 months for the effects of an anesthetic to wear off. As Al said he has been through a lot - heart attack, fall, UTI and two surgeries.

At this point in time I don't think he should be left alone at home. He will require constant monitoring. Perhaps you and your mother should look at this as a warning and start making plan for when, or if, the PD progresses and he requires a full time caregiver.

I doubt that it would help to move him to another facility. Unfortunately they are all pretty much the same. It is difficult to find staffing and the patient load prevent them from getting medications delivered in a timely manner. I have not been impressed with the physicians who staff these places. In most cases the pt's regular physician has no imput.

Have you discussed all of this with your dad's neurologist? That would be very important. I would also ask the staff at the rehab facility for a conference with the staff physician. The nurses and CNAs will not be able to answer your medical questions.

My final suggestion will probably not be received well but here goes. You and your mother should think of taking this time to catch up on your rest. When your dad comes home he is going to require a great deal of care and it will go better if you are rested. While things may not be perfect in the rehab facility there is actually very little you can do to change things there.

Welcome to our forum. Glad you have found us. We are here for you.

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