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By nan2 On 2010.01.25 01:05
Mom's insurance will cover the generic, but not Requip. Any opinions? I have found imbedded in a couple of posts a general negative feeling about generics for PD but are all generics equally bad? The insurance is forced to cover requip for one month, so that's what she taking now (one a day) and frankly I don't see much difference from Sinemet alone at 4 per day (yes, that's a generic too, and always has been). So my feeling is that there's not a lot to lose with trying ropinirole. Ideally, if it were working, what improvement would we see with requip, and when as related to the time of the dose?
Thanks for all your wisdom; you have no idea how much I have learned here, and it all makes sense--so rare these days!

By Emma On 2010.01.25 06:19
My husband started out on Requip and Sinemet but later was switched to the generic for both. We saw no difference. He used to take Ropinirole 4mg. three times a day but now, because he had obsessions with sex and gambling, takes it only as needed for restless leg syndrome, which ends up being 2mg. once or twice a week. Not taking it on a regular basis doesn't seem to have had any effect on his Parkinson's symptoms but the obsessions are greatly reduced. I'm not a pharmacist but at one time I had an allergic reaction to a generic asthma medication that hadn't happened with the name brand. When I talked to my doctor about it she said that even though the active ingredients in generics are the same the inactive ingredients aren't always and she suspected that the allergy was to the binder or filler that was used in the generic. She also said that there is some research that shows that the dissolution rate in some time released drugs is different in some generics which can cause problems. That said, I know that others on this board have had problems with generics. I guess you won't know until you make the switch. Good luck!

By susger8 On 2010.01.25 10:08
My dad changed from the name brand to the generic at one point, and we didn't see any noticeable difference.


By karolinakitty On 2010.01.26 21:32
We tried the generic and had side effects so bad we stopped it. His nausea was terrible. He was not able to eat for a week unril we stopped.

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