For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By Heedee On 2010.01.25 12:42
I started following this forum about two years ago when my Mom (now 85 years old) was diagnosed with Parkinson's Syndrome. She has all the symptoms of Parkinson's without the tremor. This website has been so helpful to me. It has helped me understand a lot of what has gone on with my Mom. Mom was diagnosed with colon cancer last August and had surgery. A couple of weeks later she had her gallbladder removed. From August 26-November 26 with the exception of four nights she was either in the hospital or rehab and had major issues with delerium although no one called it that at the time. Since then my Dad (88 years old) has displayed quite a few symptoms of Parkinson's himself. His Dad (my grandfather) died with Parkinson's. Mom and Dad have long-term care insurance, but even with it they are paying a lot out of pocket. (I'm not complaining--just want you to have the facts.) In the last couple of weeks some issues with caregivers have arisen. Maybe you could answer a couple of questions for me.

(1) What is the going rate per hour for those of you who employ in-home caretakers? I live in a part of the country with a fairly low cost of living, and $10.00/hours seems for be the going rate for a private caregiver.

(2) How do you handle raises? Do you give an automatic raise after, for example, one year of service? If so, what percent is reasonable?

(3) Do you pay travel expenses to a caregiver, and, if so, how much? I hope this is not too personal. I have not dealt with this before and need some direction.

(4) Do you provide meals and snacks to the caregivers, or are they expected to bring their own?

I really appreciate any help you can give me. We live in the same house with Mom and Dad. I am using five different caregivers in order to piece together nearly 24/7 coverage. Even with caregivers helping, I have had a struggle dealing with Mom and Dad's finances--paying regular bills, filing their long-term care claims, dealing with tax and Social Security for the five caregivers.

By lostdaughter On 2010.01.25 15:59
We have a caregiver who stays with my mom during the day while my sister & I work. She works directly for mom. We pay her $10 an hour and try to give her a little extra now and then. We don't pay travel expenses but we give her gas money because she takes mom to numerous doctor appointments. She brings her own drinks and eats whatever mom is eating. She's been with us a little over a year.

I've heard some horror stories about caregivers so feel extremely blessed that we found someone so caring and honest. Mom's finances are extremely tight so we haven't been able to afford to give her sitter a raise. I feel bad that we aren't able to do more for her.

I'm sure it's a pain to deal with all the paperwork but you're fortunate that your parents purchased long term care insurance. My mom saved very little and made no preparation for her elder needs. It's been a struggle to have someone with her during the day and I constantly worry about what we're going to do when what money she has is gone.

By annwood On 2010.01.25 21:47
I paid $15/hr for my husband's caregiver but she was also a LPN. I did not pay for her transportation. She brought her own food and snacks but she was also welcome to eat when we did. I gave her $100.00 at Christmas. She was not with us long enough to think about a raise but I think her rate would always have been the same. I would have relied on her to tell me if her rate was increasing.

By hubb On 2010.01.25 22:40
I also pay $15 an hour and the caregiver is a retired RN. She does so many extra things for both my PD spouse and for me that she is worth every penny. I just have her one day a week so that I can get away for a day. She has offered suggestions to him (which I had already made) but he listens to her and will follow her suggestions. It is a little costly but I need that time away and I don't have to worry with her here, so it's worth it. I don't think you can find anyone in the area where we live who would do this type work for less than $15 per hour.

By susger8 On 2010.01.26 08:19
Do you have enough space for a caregiver to live in? In my area this is less expensive than paying hourly for 8 hours a day. I am using an agency, and the charge is $980 a week. I live in a very expensive area, so I would think pretty much any place else would be cheaper! It would be less expensive to hire somebody directly, but there are benefits to using an agency -- they vet the employees, provide training, and provide substitute caregivers if the main caregiver needs to take time off.

The caregiver gets room and board as part of the deal. But he pays his own transportation.


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