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By MJ-Camano On 2010.02.05 20:38
My husband was diagnosed with PD about 3 years ago, but I believe he may have had it about 10 years ago. He doesn't have the shaking; but shuffles while walking, and has a lot of confusion. This confusion has really advanced the last 3 weeks where he doesn't know he's in his own home and can't find his way around, seeing several "people" everywhere (inside and out), is not sleeping much in the day, and wonders during the night and can't find his way back to bed. About 2 weeks ago the Dr put him on Lorzepam (for about 4 nights) and Exelon Patch (about 7 nights.) He has been off of these medications for a week now and the confusion remains.

Could this just be a next step in the Parkinsons?

By annwood On 2010.02.05 22:28
First - call the physiian and relate these events to him/her. There are some meds to try for the dellusions. It could be the meds but it could also be dementia. This sounds very much like my husband's experiences. Not to alarm you but you need to make sure that he can't wander out of the house at night, set the house on fire, etc. As I have said before 50% of PD pts do develop dementia and as Al likes to remind me 50% don't.

By lbellomy On 2010.02.05 22:40
MJ, Some patients cannot tolerate Lorazepam/Ativan. Did you take him off of one medicine at a time? If you only add or take away one at a time it is easier to tell if one is causing problems and the other one is okay. My husband has either Parkinson's disease with dementia or Lewy Body dementia(really about the same). He frequently wants to go home. He also cannot always find the bathroom. We live in a 4 room apartment. I follow him to the bathroom to be sure he finds it and uses it properly. He also hallucinates. The other day 'John', a frequent visitor, was here when in reality it was just my husband and myself that were here. I really do not have any advice, except to say that if those meds caused the confusion to be worse, it may take a little while for him to get back to his normal.

By MJ-Camano On 2010.02.06 01:27
I keep hopeing he will get back to the baseline he was at about 4 weeks ago, but before he had the changes in meds there were signs of additional confusion. I have been in contact with the PD Doctor and his primary physician, I guess it is wait and see if he will be where he was 4 weeks ago. We were planning a family trip with our children in about 3 weeks; at this point I don't think this will be possible. He couldn't possibly tolerate a plane ride for 5 hours. It seems like such a fast change.

By lbellomy On 2010.02.06 10:27
MJ, go to and read on their forum. You can search also about medications that could be potentially harmful. You can find their forum under 'online community' and you do not have to join the forum to read. Was the exelon patch on at the same time as the Lorazepam/Ativan?

By caregivermary On 2010.02.06 12:11
My husb takes both of the drugs you mentioned. Did the Drs take away any other meds before RXg the new ones? Exelon should help the confusion and dementia. What dose is it? The higher dose worked for my husb and it is a patch. Ativan usually is given for anxiety. Seroquel would help with the hallucinations. Everyone is different so you may have to work closely with the two Drs. to find what will work for your husb. My husb had immediate improvement with both of these drugs.

Do you think your husb may have an infection of any kind? Infection will cause some of these problems too.

Take car

By MJ-Camano On 2010.02.06 12:56
Both the PD Doctor and the primary physician have been calling to check up on him so at this point it is a "wait and see" situation. He started the Exelon Patch (4.6 mg) three days before the Lorzepam. He has been off both of them for over a week, and seems to be just as confused. He was able to sleep for 8 hours last night with the Serequel, but woke me up before 7am to tell me he slept good; but "how do I get back to my bed?"

He should have the results of a urinalsis on Monday to see if there is an infection.

Thank you for the information on the Lewy Body Site, I will read all I can there.


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