For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By Caregiven On 2010.02.25 04:34
Good morning all!
Although we have never talked, I feel as though I know you well. I come here often to read, and have learned much from you.

Thank you for that.

In Kitty's and my little world, you are a frequent topic of conversation, much like family members living in a distant town. The other night, as we were driving down a country road, Ms. Kitty informed me that Bandido was moving and would not be posting regularly. I was truly saddened, because I have learned from you that balancing objectivity and compassion are vital. Better put, caregivers need to do what they do, whether it is making sure that their "caregiven" has a blanket to keep their legs warm, or if it is to take care of the home's daily business. But caregivers need time to vent too, whether it is running into the woods screaming in anger because their beloved is cursed with PD, or to shed tears of sorrow at the loss of what life was before it began to change.

I think that is why I was saddened by the news of Bandido

Because this is my first of what will be quite infrequent posts here, I would imagine that you would think I would write a thousand words praising Ms. Kitty.

But I wont. After all, you already know her. Words cannot describe what she has, and will continue to go through with her dealings with my affliction and it's profound impact on every second of every day for us. She has handled every step with grace and dignity, and never for an instant has stopped showing me the same. She loves me deeply and I her. She shows that unceasingly too.

But enough said on that. Thank you here at this forum for what you have taught me. With your permission, I will continue to read regularly, and perhaps check in now and again. If I can ever be of any help to anyone as far as dealing with things from a "caregiven" point of view, I would be honored. Ms. Kitty knows where to find me.

On a final note, I want to say this to Ms. Kitty:

Thank you for all you do. You bring joy to my heart. You help me to remember that I still matter, even though there are things that I can't do anymore. You make a wickedly evil affliction take second billing to enjoying what we still do have, and it is because of you that I always know how truly blessed we are. You're the greatest!
I love you deeply

By Emma On 2010.02.25 07:57
Caregiven, Thank you for sharing with us, and for the beautiful tribute to Kitty. You both have such wonderful spirits and truly are an inspiration.

Thank you too for understanding the anquish that we as caregivers feel at times. I realize that sometimes when we vent on this board we may sound petty and selfish but we are only human and dealing with constant grief as we see our loved one suffer and yes, as we mourn the loss of the life we had and thought we, and they, would have in the future. Our hearts are broken and sometimes our spirits too. For many of us this is the only place we can go to say "I'm tired, I'm frustrated, I'm lost, I'm scared".

Blessings to both of you.

By annwood On 2010.02.25 08:55
Thank you, Cargiven. You appear to be as caring, intelligent and insightful and Kitty claims. No matter how difficult it is for we caregivers we all realize that it is even more difficult and frightening for you, the patient. Lets all pray that there will be a cure for this terrible disease.

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