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By jsmitch On 2010.03.01 10:42
If you access the Internet via COMCAST: I've been having trouble with the folks there and I apologize for any disruption in access to our site.

Here's what is happening. I block as many SPAMMERS as possible through the server software. It prevents the bad guys from registering by looking at their internet connection. This blocking is specific to a particular host name. The problem is that either COMCAST is hosting some of these fools and won't do anything about it. As a consequence, when I block the bad guys, I end up blocking all COMCAST users.

I can't help but wonder if the problem isn't related to there being very few posts over the past week.


By jsmitch On 2010.03.04 08:27
I continue to experiment with the software blocks -- hopeful to find a combination that works without impacting COMCAST users.

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