For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By arlenecram On 2010.03.03 21:41
My husband had his bladder and prostate removed a month ago---due to cancer. After being in the hospital and rehab. for almost a month he came home. I knew that this would probably make his parkinsons worse---but didn't realize how much. Since he has been home his blood pressure has been out of control----high one minute , low the next----and I am talking very low. He is in constant pain in his neck and back. I called the neurologist and he said that he didn't think that the pain he was having would be caused by parkinsons. I had always felt that parkinsons patients did often suffer with pain---due to stooped posture and weak muscle tone. His medical doctor said today that the low blood pressure could be part of parkinsons--I had never heard that. They have given him a recuperation period of up to 4 months--and we are only 1 month into it. Right now he needs constant attention and the days are really rough with meeting his needs and the needs of 4 infants in my daycare. If any one has any thoughts on this I would sure like to hear them-----it is becoming quite discouraging for both of us...

By LOHENGR1N On 2010.03.04 00:28
arlenecram, Blood pressure fluctuations or swings can be caused by Parkinson's or anti-Parkinson's medication. Many patients have drops so low they can pass out or fall over with sudden movement. Adjustment of med's may be needed or in some cases the patient might need more salt in their diet (discuss these with his doctor).

As for pain, I'm in constant pain in my neck and back. As this disease progresses dystonia (slow twisting involuntary movement, associated with forceful muscle contractions or spasms) and dyskinesia (abnormal involuntary movement) wreak havoc with us, twisting and bending us, in painful ways. Myself with the "classic" Parkinson's posture you described, rounded shoulders "hunched" or bent forward have real problems with my shoulder as the muscles twist and contract they wrench my shoulder which many years ago I managed to dislocate and pop out of it's socket damaging the rotator cuff in the process. So now most of the time it is not setting within the socket and simple movement and tasks result in extreme pain. At times I can't move my arm unless I use my other arm to lift and guide it. I'd probably add a couple more months on to the time recuperation time they guesstimated. I wish I could be more upbeat and have better news for you, just remember to be easy on yourselves, try not to get too discouraged. Remind yourself and your husband with Parkinson's it takes Us more time to do most anything! Take care, best of luck and hang in there!

By caregivermary On 2010.03.04 11:34

My husb has the BP fluctuations and it is part of Parkinson's and autonomic nervous system dysfunction. However, your husb had major surgery and rehab, so the BP issues may be part of the recovery. Was he having this in rehab?

Make sure he keeps his legs and feet elevated, increase salt little by little until you see if he can tolerate it. You don't want to send the BP up too high. Stay in touch with your primary Dr. regarding the BP. Early morning, after eating, and after BM's are times to watch for low BP. If you see a faint coming on, try to get him flat on the floor or in bed. That will bring the BP back up. If you can get someone to come in and help with your husb during this rehab at home, that would help you continue with your daycare responsibilities.

I don't remember where your husb is with this disease-number of years. My husb had several major surgeries and did bounce back after6-9 months. Your husb may not bounce back to the point before the DX of cancer.

Take care

By Emma On 2010.03.05 06:41
Arlene, my husband also has the problems with blood pressure. It has been the cause of many falls. Early morning is the worse. He stands up from the table and just collapses. His doctor lowered the dose on his BP medication and it's helped a lot. He hasn't had an episode in months and his blood pressure is good. I try to make sure that he eats some salt (something he doesn't like) and gets plenty of fluids. It seems to help. He has not had any surgeries since being diagnosed with Parkinson's so I can't address that aspect. Hang in there.

By arlenecram On 2010.03.06 17:35
Thanks for the replies. He is now off all blood pressure meds--blood pressure is still up and down, but much better. Morning is definetly his lowest BP.We know he will have a long road ahead, but we are seeing some improvement,so that is encouraging.

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