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By LOHENGR1N On 2010.03.06 00:52
Did anyone else happen to see the closing of the Olympics? One thing that I thought really stood out was the appearance by MJF and the way the network showed Him or should I say didn't keep the camera on Him. It seemed He was experiencing dyskinesia in the form of mouth puckering and licking of the lips. I give Him credit for making His spot with all the attention upon Him through it.

The media's portrayal of Our disease.
This is something We have to put up with and let Me say it is very unfair to all Parkinson's sufferers. Tabloids scream about MJF at function's, at amusement parks, telling He's beat this disease. How great He looks. Oprah can juggle the taping and timing to present Him at optimum medicine efficiency. This was another thing entirely the Olympics timing was off. MJF was off, the network for some reason chose to turn the camera off Michael. Too His credit He was out there for all the world to see. To show the world another side of Our disease, to show the world it isn't as rosy a picture as the media paints it to be. That even MJF has struggles and times that might be unpleasant to view. When this is presented what does the media do? They do a dis-service to all of the Parkinson's community and pan away .....They didn't even show His exit as They did with previous speakers! It is no wonder the Parkinson's Disease community has trouble procuring funding for research, funding for finding a cure or easing the burden. In the past I've been guilty of criticizing Michael J Fox for timing His med's and appearances. This time I applaud Him for the courage to show the world! Sadly when He did the network decided the world needn't see it! I'm really stunned and at a loss here, what else can be done to raise awareness? I mean really Michael J Fox stepped up to the plate and the network gave Him an intentional walk! ...Sigh....Take care, best of luck and hang in there.

By mylove On 2010.03.06 11:33
There is a strong social tendency in our culture to avert our eyes from someone who is experiencing challenges. Stand in a room with someone with cerebral palsy, for example, and watch the studious attempts at nonchalance by the surrounding people. The glances are sidewise, but nobody wants anyone else to catch them gawking. That tenet is taught to us at a very young age, as part of etiquette. It's not to say that we don't gawk, just that we do it very surreptitiously.

The media usually suffers no such compunctions. They like to film the car wrecks, so we can all share the gory details. I would say that if they noticed Michael having challenges and made the decision to allow him his privacy and dignity by pulling the cameras away, that it is a moment of rare humanity and courtesy on their part. I'm sure they thought they were doing the right thing.

But they aren't living on this side of the fence, either. I hear you. Sometimes what we think we want isn't really what we need. And there are times when that shock factor that we as a society have been protected from is exactly what we need in order to overcome the inertia and the misguided thinking. Someday maybe the stars will align and it will make a difference. We can only hope.

By packerman On 2010.03.08 10:34
wow. we didn't watch it. wish we had.

we just finished presenting a marriage recovery weekend for struggling couples. Tom was up there for everyone to see. he did not shy away.

i am very proud of him!

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