For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By mrsmop On 2010.03.06 13:43
My spouse with PD also has severe restless leg syndrome (RLS), and has been on Requip. He also has severe pain when going into his off periods, and often gets the RLS at this time. His neurologist wants him to be on Requip XL, as she thinks it will work better for him with less down periods.(She thinks the pain is exacerbated by the off times) Well guess what....his insurance company only wants to pay for the generic form of the regular Requip, which I think is called Ropinerole. So, they are now requiring a statement from his doctor indicating why the XL is needed before they will consider approving it. So we are in this process; but of course it is the weekend so I don't expect anything to happen for at least a few days. Does pain seem to be a frequent complaint when going into an off period?


By lbellomy On 2010.03.07 23:24
mrsmop, you did not describe what kind of pain your spouse has so I will just tell you our experience. My husband had very painful spasms or cramps in his calves and thighs. He was give a prescription for Zanaflex, the generic is tizanidine. It worked wonders. I called it his miracle medicine. Since there is a generic the insurance would not have any trouble paying for it. Tizanidine does make him sleepy.

By mrsmop On 2010.03.08 00:27
He describes the pain as being like a "constant tooth ache". The nurse practicioner who he sees a lot said that people with PD often experience pain when the meds are wearing off and they are going into an off period. I never heard of Zanaflex, but will look it up. It was never mentioned at the doctor's office. They just seem very focused on his Requip. Sleepiness is a big issue with him as he has not completely given up driving, in spite of a bad accident about a year ago. I wish he could be more specific about the pain, so he could be helped better. Thanks for the info.

By karolinakitty On 2010.03.10 09:17
So far in researching a part D for my pdr, i have found only 1 company out of 10 that actually covers his RequipXL. They all cover the generic Rempinrole, but there is no extended release in that either. Rempinrole makes mine extremely ill and he just cannot take it. I may have to go through the same process, but this plan seems awesome, it's a "value plan" and it fits in financially, so i might go with that after a few more calls, just to make sure. I can get discount cards from the company but this plan covers it even more.
Changing drug plans through medicare is still open until march 31. The company that allowed Requip XL is Medco, if you wnat more info you can email me.....

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