For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By LOHENGR1N On 2010.03.07 16:20
I'm wondering about things here on the forum. I'm wondering if anyone else is too. Jim has mentioned the posting has taken a nose dive and is trying to figure out if it is a filter to the site thing with comcast.

So here I am sitting on the porch steps wondering. I've posted on the young onset discussion site, not much going on in there. Then there is the Non-caregiver topic site I've just skimmed over the topic's and you know they really do concern caregiving even wether to get N1H1 shot. If We think about it insurance impacts caregiving greatly. Then there is the original forum, new people are coming, asking questions. I don't know maybe it's Me but this place I considered My home. Now I really don't know where to post. Going with my analogy of home, It seems like someone moved in new furniture with that shiny plastic still wrapped around it not inviting to sit on. (Kind of like the Aunt's house you visited when you were a kid and were afraid to touch or sit on anything?) You want to talk about insurance or a appearance on T.V. by someone ....... go to the kitchen. Young on set? You go to the Den. Is this the cause of low posting? I don't know, are we losing "family" because we're becoming another place where separation of Us will defeat Us? We're all in this together Folks! Do you really want to separate groups and "site" specific topic's? What is one of the hardest most mind numbing side effect of this disease? SEPARATION! Friends stopping coming by! Loss of social life for patient and caregiver/partner. You can read the posts morning the loss of friends and family, the isolation.

I've always thought that an answer to a question about pain or med's or how patients feel is better answered by a patient if they can. I mean it's a general answer as We can't speak for every patient but then the question is general also. If a specific answer is wanted ask the specific person that's all. If not answered by a patient somewhere along the line it's just guessing. But then maybe I was wrong and that information wasn't wanted? It seemed to be at the time.

There's been an on going tippy toeing around here about dementia and mentioning it. Yes it's a strong possibility 30/50%, but I've looked in every book and pamphlet I have on Parkinson's Disease and even from 25 years ago it's in them (even the Young Parkinson's Handbook) mentioned as a secondary feature of the disease. I always stress educate ourselves on Parkinson's, each facet, hopefully many won't apply but forewarned is forearmed. I don't know maybe I'm wrong to worry about our site here. Maybe it's just a lull, a spring fever type of thing. I worry about all my friends here and those who have been left and are now going about life in spite of their loss. I also worry about the health of our site, our home. I'm posting this on all the forums here as I'm interested, am I the only one worried about this and is it needless worry? Take care, best of luck and hang in there.

By packerman On 2010.03.08 10:37
we have Comcast and i don't have any problems posting.

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