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By packerman On 2010.03.11 16:42
we've been told aloe vera juice is good for constipation. i bought some at Walgreens last night ($10.99 USD per gallon). does anyone have any experience with this?
i searched the forum and nothing came up. i don't remember us having this discussion in the past.

By Emma On 2010.03.12 05:27
We have never tried aloe vera juice, let us know how it works. So far the best thing that I've found for my husband's constipation is a combination of using glycerin suppositories and giving him hot oat bran cereal for breakfast into which I add chopped up prunes, applesauce and peanut butter.

Good luck!

By packerman On 2010.03.12 09:59
it's colorless, odorless and tastes like water. i put 1/4 cup into 1 cup of juice for him last night. he said it tasted normal. he couldn't tell any difference.

i'll let you know what he says in a few days.

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