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By lurkingforacure On 2010.03.14 10:47
We are in the process of trying to switch from mirapex to's not easy is all I can say. Has anyone done this, or tried to do it, and what happened? We are hoping that the drug side effects from requip will be better than when we were on mirapex (the sleepiness and pain, mainly for us, also the brain fog), so are trying to stick it out.

I have tried to research this and for every post I find out there that says requip is much better than mirapex, I find one that says the opposite! Also, now that mirapex has come out with a one-a-day version, I wonder if we should have stayed on it, maybe the side effects would have been better taking it once a day. It's all so confusing.

Anyone have any experience with switching from mirapex to requip, or the other way around? Thanks.

By mrsmop On 2010.03.14 12:58
I think you will not be able to get any definitive answer re whether Requip or Mirapex works better for an individual. Every person with PD is biologically unique and will respond differently to the drug. The warnings for both are similar. My husband has been on both with no noticeable differences. Most people report sleepiness and hziness with both. What we are eagerly awaiting is the return of the Neupro patch. Does anyone have any more information on that as it has been reapproved in Europe for some time now?

By shakydog On 2010.03.14 21:03
I've been on requip for 9 years. It works well most of the time, but the timing of the dose is very important. I found that if I take them at 4 hour intervals they keep me going nicely. If I am more than 30 minutes late with a pill, an hour later I will have 5 minutes of terrible nausea. Breathe deeply and walk around for a distraction. As far as the "snoozies" - they seem to go away after while. But he shouldn't drive long distances by himself. I had a 45 minute commute and took up smoking to stay alert. Bad choice, but ……
hope things go well

By karolinakitty On 2010.03.14 21:54
Sorry we haven't been on Mirapex, but recently switched to requipxl, which has worked better than the requip regular. He's only on 12mg per day, which is the highest in the extended release. Sleepiness, not a problem until he stops. If he keeps himself "busy" it's not a problem. If he sits at the computer or after dinner sits there for a minute the head goes down. Nausea has almost gone away, it has hepled in that area. I think since doing the melatonin, and he's sleeping better at night, stress has lessened and that all added up gives us a good report.

By Newcaregiver On 2010.03.15 08:52
My hubbie switched from Mirapex to Requip a month ago. It has been a difficult transition. We saw the neuro about 2 weeks after the switch and he increased the Requip at night to try and alleviate the jerking that my pder was having in the evening. that has helped, but the adjustment is still in process. He does sleep for longer stretches on requip (he is up to 5 hours of sleep) so we are happy about that part, but his tremor has increased more on the requip.

We go back to the neuro in late March. Possibly the med will be increased a bit more then or the neuro was talking about adding another drug (can't remember the name off-hand). Anyway - the neuro said that each person is different. Some do well on Mirapex while others on requip - thanks for starting this topic, I am curious to see other experiences with requip.

By annwood On 2010.03.16 11:00
Shakydog - smoking may not have been a bad choice! An article published in Neurology this week reports on three studies demonstrating that smokers are 41% less likely to develop PD and that this benefit goes away as soon as you stop smoking.

Another study finds that if one has ever smoked and then develops PD they are less likely to have dyskenesias.

The prevailing wisdom appears to be that niccotine has a neuro protective effect and there is a great deal of research going on to find out just how that works.

They stressed that this finding is not an endorsement of smoking.

By shakydog On 2010.03.16 23:59
Thank you annwood for relaying the article. It's hard to keep up on reading. There may be a link - I feel like I have had parky all my life, but the symptoms didn't get noticable until I quit smoking for several years. I won't say that smoking helps slow the progression, but it does tame the side effects of the meds. The doctor gives me grief and offers a script for nausea but…….

I don't recommend it, but it works for me ;)

By annwood On 2010.03.17 11:15
I say that you have given up enough - enjoy what you can!

By lurkingforacure On 2010.03.21 09:17
OK we are up to 16mg a day of requip XL and my husband is not seeing it as helping any different from mirapex. He actually said he feels like he's not taking anything but sinemet, which seems a bad sign. It certainly is not helping with the pain, which he feels is actually worse. We are starting our third week on this-how long should we give it?

Also, if we end up going back on mirapex, has anyone tried or heard anything about the extended release version of it? It got approved recently and I wonder if it works any better/less side effects than the regular version.


By Newcaregiver On 2010.03.22 08:58
Lurking: our neuro said that we needed to give it at least a full month and maybe more before knowing whether the symptoms would get better. We are in our second month on requip and it is better than it was. Whether it is good enough- I don't know. My parkie can now sleep better than he did on Mirapex, but he is still having more tremor than he did. I guess it is a toss up.

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