For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By LC On 2010.03.19 15:08
Just before my husband was diagnosed he had begun to complain of pain on one side of his lower back. There is no relation to any physical activity. It tends to happen when he just sitting. I noticed that he is slightly twisted in the direction where he complains about pain. Is back pain a part of PD?

By LOHENGR1N On 2010.03.19 15:37
LC, It could very well be associated with Parkinson's. What You describe sounds like Dystonia. Take care, best of luck and hang in there.

By lurkingforacure On 2010.03.19 23:35
Back pain is very common in PD and it does tend to be mostly in the lower back. Our neuro confirmed this. Back pain is one of my husband's hardest to deal with symptoms....nothing seems to help except lots of aspirin which he can't take all the time. It was also one of his first symptoms, and the weird thing about it is, it moves around. One day it will be mostly in the middle of his back, the next, lower down near his kidneys. Then it will be up near the top of his shoulder blades. It's impossible to predict where it will appear next or when. The back pain makes my husband stoop, too.

We've tried lots of things but so far nothing has helped, we are going to try DMSO next. I've read it can help with muscular pain. I'll post on how that goes after we've tried it.

By Emma On 2010.03.20 05:50
I think that back pain, as well as pain in the legs and hips and shoulders is common with Parkinson's. Having said that there could be other problems as well. In our case my husband has spinal stenosis and severe arthritis. He has gone to a pain clinic for several years to get injections into his spine. They don't seem to be helping anymore. It might be helpful to get an xray or mri to see if anything else is going on with his back. Our doctor told us that the stooping helps because it opens up the space between the discs and relieves the rubbing which causes the pain. I sympathize with your husband, it is one of the things that causes my husband the most grief.

By hubb On 2010.03.20 11:27
We have tried DMSO and it didn't help at all - sometimes something like Icy Hot application will relieve the backpain for a short time. But then we have also tried chiropractor, accupuncture, massage, exercises, and physical therapy, and not one of them helped - didn't hurt, but didn't help. It's just so frustrating not to be able to do anything and there are times you just want to yell "I hate Parkinsons" and I hate what it has done to my husband, and I hate what it's done to our family, and I hate that we can't make plans or if we do, they get cancelled most of the time, but thank goodness we have the Forum where we can vent and others understand. We just seem to be undergoing a rough patch right now and I know if it's hard on me, it's twice as bad for him.

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