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By hubb On 2010.03.25 13:55
Constipation is an ongoing problem with my PD spouse. We keep trying different meds and some will work for a short time but he seems to get accustomed to them. He already is on stool softeners and had been on a herbal laxative but it quit working and we were forced to give enemas - dr. said it was okay to give them as often as required - just not to let him get impacted. I tried something new I saw at the drug store which contained polyethylene glycol 3350 and it worked for the constipation but the 3rd time he took it, he had mental confusion off and on all day long. He kept thinking someone was in the house with us and asked me how many people lived here. After a good night's sleep, he seemed okay but it was frightening. Thought I'd just watch him today and then report to dr. but wondered if anyone else has had any problems like this. I am concerned that maybe it had an interaction with the synamet he is on. From a post I read yesterday, there may be a shortage of synamet and I certainly hope not because that's the only med that he is on, however, he has been on the generics which have worked well for him.

By caregivermary On 2010.03.25 15:09
We have tried many things with no consistant success. A nurse recommended Senna Plus-combination stool softner and laxative. He has been on 2 tablets taken at night for 9 months now and is fairly regular.

I continue to use high fiber bread, apple sauce, cooked apples, apple juice, etc. to help with the overall issue.

We have no experience with polyethylene glycol 3350.

By LOHENGR1N On 2010.03.25 15:39
hubb and everyone, It is very important to read warnings on over the counter and herbal supplements, medicines and such (even cough drops)and also to monitor any reactions and behaviors when introducing them to Us Parkinson's Patients. I can't stress this enough. Many herbals don't have testing for inter-actions available. Many over the counter medicines have limited warnings. I know this is another facet of caregiving that sometimes doesn't come to mind and many don't think to do. But a walk down the aisle of a cold and flu section of the drug stores and you'd probably be amazed at all the remedy's That warn not to take with certain anti-parkinson's medication. Always run medications by the Doctor or Pharmacist to try to make sure they are safe to take along with current medicines We are on. Take care, best of luck and hang in there!

By Emma On 2010.03.25 18:40
Polyethylene Glycol 3350 is sold under the brand name MiraLax. My husband took it for years with no ill effects. However, everyone reacts to medications differently so if it's causing problems for your husband I would discontinue it. The MiraLax worked great for my husband for a long time, but like everything else, it's effectiveness wore off. We now use suppositories and hot oat bran cereal with chopped prunes, applesauce and peanut butter in it. It's working for now and I haven't had to give him an enema for months. I would echo what Lohengrin said, be wary of everything, including herbal and over the counter medications. We had a nightmare one time with Nyquil. It caused hallucinations like you wouldn't believe.

Good luck. Constipation (and plugged toilets) are a big problem for many of us. I hope you find a solution that works for you.

By packerman On 2010.03.30 11:30
we have recently started using Aloe Vera Juice (drug store and some grocery stores). it seems to have helped Tom with his constipation. it is odorless, colorless and tasteless. he adds it to his juice every day. he has not had any side effects from it. we also do prunes, dried fruit, high fiber, etc.

By hubb On 2010.03.30 14:03
Thanks for all the hints and tips. We're back to prune juice, prunes & applesauce plus the senna laxative pills plus extra fiber in his hot oatmeal and so far so good this week anyway. I'm going to try to find aloe vera juice - know how well that works on burns and scrapes on the skin, so see how it does for constipation.

By jburkhart On 2010.03.31 12:16 [Edit]
I am new to this group, it looks helpful. Anyway this is something I know about. My husband has been on lactulose for over 2 years for constipation. it has worked well for him, and we can adjust the amount as needed. Our Dr. prescribed this for my mother and she was in her 90's.

By hubb On 2010.03.31 18:34
I just picked up lactulose from the drug store after dr. called in prescription.
We'll see how he reacts to this - thanks for the info - I was a little leary of it after reading the label and looking it up on google - I'm paying attention to what Al reported several days ago about reading the labels - I'm finding out that with my spouse's age, plus the fact he's been on synamets for so long, plus the fact that his PD symptoms are increasing, I'm reluctant to start anything new especially after the strange day we had last week after trying the proplyene glycol. I'll start out with a small amount (instructions say 1-2T by mouth 2xday and it's 10 GM/15ML solution, whatever that is. Thanks for the tip.

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