For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By lvmymom On 2010.03.27 14:56
My mother had a bladder infection, was given antibotics. She became very weak both mentally and physically. As soon as she was off the antibotics she was back to normal.

6 months have gone by and she has a bladder infection again. They are trying another type of sulphur antibotic to avoid drug interaction. Unfortunately, Mom is acting odd again and now I wonder if it is actually the bladder infection that is causing the physical and mental differences in her or do you think it is the antibotic interaction?

Has anyone else have this dilemma? By the way, her weakness is causing problems ... she does things she normally would not in her weakend state and it is dangerous.

Thank you for any input.

By overwhelmedinFL On 2010.03.27 23:35
urinary tract infections often cause confusion in elderly.. My parents have both had them...they get weak, confused, they hallucinate and grab for things that are not there.

I don't think it is a drug reaction as much as it is a symptom of the UTI.

I did not believe the nurses at first because I have had a few myself and neither of my parents had any urine frequency or pain (which are common symptoms in younger people).

Google will see...this confusion, weakness and hallucinating is VERY common in the elderly.

Need to make sure you get rid of her infection and see if you can figure out why she is getting them if she never used to. Is she at the stage where it is getting hard to keep clean??? I know whenever I am with mom I always help her get cleaned up because mine does not like to ask the nurses for help and any extra bacteria down there can cause an infection.

Hope she gets back to normal soon!!

By lvmymom On 2010.03.28 14:19
Thank you! This makes me feel much better. It must be her infection then. She is in late stages of PD so has almost full assistance and I'll check on the frequency she is changed.

I appreciate your help very much. It is alarming how much an infection can change her.


By packerman On 2010.03.30 11:32
cranberry juice is known to help with UTI's.

By Mary On 2010.03.30 12:25
My Dad had a UTI that his body was unable to overcome. Apparently when they are at the end stages and very weak, their bodies have difficulty fighting off infections. Dad had his infection for the last two months of his life. Just FYI. Hugs and blessing, Mary

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