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By karolinakitty On 2010.04.06 17:02
I am posting a link to an article, written in part by Dr. Bachman, my Pdrs neuro at MUSC Movement Disorder Clinic.
I was researching sundowning when i found it. It seems mine is having this issue now BUT he has these symptoms in the morning hours, so i wanted to see what was up. I was thinking maybe his circadin rhythm was off, because he is doing this during the day, plus he takes his RequipXL at night to help with the sleepiness and nausea during the day. I was thinking that maybe he was backwards because he is backwards, in the nocturnal sense.
While this article is primarily on AD, he does go into the effects on PDrs and those with Lewy Body Dementia and dementia in general.
It may help some of you who are unfamiliar with sundowning and help explain without too much medical terminology, who, what, when where and how.....

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