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By arlenecram On 2010.04.10 13:21
The last time I posted my husband was running very low blood pressures. He had major surgery and was very weak-well, that was a month ago, and now his blood pressure is running high, now that he is becoming more active. They started him in 10 mg of lisinipril, but that is not elping at all. I know that low BP goes along with parkinsons---but does high?

By LOHENGR1N On 2010.04.10 15:31
arlenecram, You have to remember that as Parkinson's progresses, the faulty signals that cause our blood pressure to be low can also cause high blood pressure. It effects every system in our bodies even the autonomic nervous system (involuntary activities) controlling breathing, heart rate and blood pressure etc. So We can swing between high, low and normal blood pressure several times during a day depending on how much medication we have at that time in our system and how well it is working at any given time. It's a tangled mess and unfortunately it just seems to get messier and more tangled as it progresses. Take care, best of luck and hang in there.

By shirley On 2010.04.10 18:28
My husband's blood pressure goes from high to low several times a day. Sometimes it is up to 180/95 and suddenly drops to 100/65. He also has problems with heat and cold. Often he is sweating and it will only be about 75 and other times he's freezing and it will be 76. This is inside and he is not doing anything other than watching tv. I've come to realize that unfortunately this is to be expected. The shortness of breath has now started to become more bothersome to him also.

By arlenecram On 2010.04.10 19:02
What about blood pressure meds----are you on those---or will they help?

By LOHENGR1N On 2010.04.10 19:20
Blood pressure med's can be tricky. With the medical field in general these days it's an in and out fairly quickly visit to the Doctor. Ideally blood pressure should be checked several times a day........Before med's, when they are at optimum effectiveness and at ending of dosage (wearing off). This should be repeated several days to see if there's a pattern and what and when med's might be needed. (Otherwise We risk passing out by taking med's to lower pressure when ours ebbs or stroking out from taking med's to raise pressure when ours rises) However it will be an exceptional Doctor who will be willing to do this with insurances seemingly more in control of your health treatment then Doctors. This is another case of Us Caregivers/Partners and Patients having to try to educate those who are in charge of our well being as to view the whole picture being presented by Parkinson's Disease and getting them to not view it segmented trying to treat each little piece thereby working against effective treatment or management of the Disease. Take care, best of luck and hang in there.

By shirley On 2010.04.10 21:16
My husband took cozaar for high blood pressure for 5 or more years. He was up to 100mg then down to 50mg. The last time we were at the internist I mentioned cutting out the cozaar since his blood pressure dropped so often. He thought that was a good idea so we just watch it now. It never stays high very long these days. Just as Lohengrin stated...blood pressure meds can be tricky.

Also when the blood pressure drops there is more risk of falls.

By Emma On 2010.04.11 06:59
My husband's blood pressure is usually high and he's been on meds for it for years. Now with the PD it sometimes drops suddenly and causes falls. His meds for high blood pressure have been cut in half, which helps. I have a cuff and take his blood pressure quite often, especially if he says he feels woozy. I also sometimes check it when he's sitting, then have him stand up and check it again just to see if it's dropping. He has problems with temperature too, hot and cold, hot and cold. Lohengrin is right, the whole system just starts going out of whack.

By lvmymom On 2010.04.16 18:58
This is so good to know. There are times I've been told that my mother's blood presure has been high and I almost don't believe them ... High? She ALWAYS has normal to low, I would think to myslef.

I like this forum so much because I learn so much. My mother's blood presure goes up when she has an infection too (not only does her blood presure go whacky with an infection so does 'she'), and I was concerned, but it makes more since after reading here - that the system gets confused, my mother gets confused, I get confused ... goodness, it is a confusing disease, for sure.

Simply said "it just happens". I get it now.

Thank you

By karnlowe On 2010.04.20 22:39
Shirley made a comment about breathing that I'm facing right now with my husband. he suddenly had shortness of breath. The PD doctor told me this is not linked to Parkinson's. I told her I begged to differ because I had been to a symposium in the past year where it was addressed as something many PD patients complained about - especially in the mid to advanced stages of Parkinson's.

Anyway, the process is to check out with a GP first to determine if there could be any underlying heart issues (that we may have been discounting as "just another" PD symptom). My husband did have an EKG and we are waiting on the results. I'm glad we took this route, though, just to make sure (that it is PD) and eliminate any heart issues.

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