For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By mcaesar On 2010.04.16 14:05
My father, who is 69, was just diagnosed with PD. He is showing signs of dementia. He is taking Mirapex, because he's not a candidate Sinemet. Has anyone else experienced these symptoms?

By karolinakitty On 2010.04.16 18:18

I only know this from my experience, so i'll throw it out there. Mine is on Requip XL for now, due to his not being a candidate either. Now his reason is because he has a Parkison's Plus disease called DLB Dementia with Lewy Body or sometimes it's LBD Lewy Body Dementia. He is only 53 and has moderate dementia, he is on Aricept to help with that.
At 69, i also should remind you the dementia could be setting in as just a sign of old age. I don't mean to be so bold, but during our journey so far, i have come to believe that alot of things can be deemed Parkinson's realted or just getting older. Of course there is the reality of Parkinson's and all the symptoms to go with it like dementia.
Ask the doctor to get him on Aricept to help with the dementia. Mines been on it for several months now and i have noticed that as of right now there is no more progression in that area. He still gets confused, forgets to shut fridge doors and the list goes on, but at least there aren't anymore add ons at this point.

Also, just as a knowledge reference you can go to the Mayo clinic website and search Parkinson's Plus. It will give you the diseases in this category and you'll see that some of those particular diseases, Sinemet does not work. In fact, it can worsen symptoms for some patients.

One more thing .... If he is newly daignosed, some docs do not put folks on Sinemet until the time that it is truly needed. Sinemet has a stopping point. By that i mean, you can only go so far with MG dosages. If they put a patient on Sinemet from the get go, it might not help him down the line.
If you are concerned, and have a Movement disorder clinic in your area see if your doc will give you a referral there. Ours is over an hours drive but well worth the trip. They know more about Parkinson's then a GP or neuro who sees all kinds of different patients. Movement disorder clinics only see certain patients and most are with research and teaching hospitals so they really look for things others don't. That is my opinion anyway.......
Hope this helps... i'm sure others will give their opinons also.......

By lvmymom On 2010.04.16 18:42
I think everyone's PD is different. My mother does not have dementia but many do.

You wrote: "Showing signs of dementia"
Perhaps he will not get any worse .... who knows? It is a disease that has all kinds of sub-diseases ... goodness it is complicated. I see why you are confused. I was too - and still am.

You and your family will have to read all you can, read this wonderful forum, and continue to ask questions even though there is rarely a 'right' answer since the signs and progression differ so much.

One thing for sure though, it is not a forgiving disease and it is hard on families and most of all on the person with PD as they loose more and more of their indendence. Be strong together and work as an active team.

I'm not sure what symptoms your father is showing, but you are not alone on this journey. Always know you can come here to read and feel more calm knowing there are others just like you who care how you are and want to make sure you and your father are managing. There is always a hand reaching out and good advise and helpful hints... write any time.

You take care -

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