For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By worriedaboutdad On 2010.04.16 18:49
Well, I just have to chuckle sometimes. Mama and Daddy have had the same guy cut the grass for years. Now that mama is gone, Daddy has decided it is a waste of money. So....he has put up an electric fence and turned the cows into the yard. My sister is livid! I just think it is funny. What's the big deal I ask her? Just let him if it makes him happy. On a more serious note however, the other night I found him in the front yard after dark still working on that fence. He had the wire tangled around his walker. We got him untangled and it took me an hour to get him into the house. Another hour for him to eat dinner because of the sleeping episodes. Then he lays down so i can put his eye drops in (his eyes have gotten bad). I am trying to ask him what goes in which eye (which i need to label them) and he is trying to move his mouth to tell me but just can't get it out.
Also, he told us he wanted his teeth pulled or he would pull them with the plyers. Good Heavens! So, today he went to the dentist and had his last ten teeth pulled (the others had fallen out here and there). I think he is starting to realize he shouldn't drive. He has been asking someone to drive him recently even around the farm. I just sat and looked at him the other night as he slept and he is so weak. He just refuses to give in to this and that makes me so proud of him. I don't think he will be with us for too much longer though. This disease has taken over his body.

By lostdaughter On 2010.04.21 22:52
Bless your heart! I remember times I would get SO frustrated & angry trying to deal with my mom & feel the same way about her when I saw her sleeping. She also fought until the very end. Before she was hospitalized the last time it worried & frustrated me because I was so scared of what might happen. At the end she showed such courage & inner strength & I rediscovered why I used to admire her so much.

Your dad is lucky to have you.

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