For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By shakydog On 2010.04.20 23:55
An interesting question for the parky, the amount of time that we are lost in solving a puzzle. I know that I spend too much time solving every aspect of a problem instead of just arriving at a solution and going on to the next question. I'll blame the drugs. Or the disease. I know that I drive mylove crazy by studying a small problem to death, it makes me mad that I can look for an answer and then, when I see how to solve the problem, can't act on the solution. My life is full of but maybe's. But maybe I'm just trying to find a part of my former life, when I knew what to do without thinking about it

By LOHENGR1N On 2010.04.21 00:17
shakydog, shakydog, You've got too much time on your hands my friend. (blame that on the disease) the rest blame on the Med's I do! :) I think you might be puzzling out every little aspect because you want to make SURE you've got everything right! Before Parkinson's We went through life seeing a problem and automatically went through those steps to the solution without realizing we went through them. BUT now I can put something in the microwave for a minute (I thought) but looking, the tremor made it ten minutes on me. So We now double (triple or quadruple) check just to make sure and as time progresses this subconsciously transfers to all we do. That or you're becoming obsessive/compulsive! Either way blame the Med's or Disease whichever seems to fit the situation. See that wasn't hard, no worries mate! Take care, best of luck and hang in there.

By mylove On 2010.04.21 16:28
Dear shakydog- Two observations:

What you see as a problem, you may need to see as an asset. Need I enumerate how many times youíve saved my bacon (and those of everyone around you) by patiently sifting through all the possible aspects of an issue vs just solving the immediate question at hand? That quality, whether bestowed upon you by drugs, disease or nature, is what makes you the man everyone looks to for answers. We know that when you come to an answer, itís been thoroughly dissected and thought through.

Someone once said that creativity is a form of insanity. I donít think anyone would deny that artists and composers are two steps or more outside of the realm of the normal, but thereby they produce great things. Would they, if their brains had not been wired somewhat differently than most of the population? Sometimes, buried in the middle of a pile of mud, lies a diamond. The description of the ďParky personalityĒ could also be read as the description of highly successful people. Donít fret the time it takes you to get there. You get there, and your answers are still good. Trust yourself. I trust you.

Secondly, one of the most important things Iíve learned from you has not been how to work a computer program, or how to build a wall, or how to paint a straight line with a paintbrush. The most important lesson I learned in life was how to be patient. Itís a work in progress, but I think Iím getting there. You take my full-speed-ahead, damn the torpedoes style of doing things and slow me down. You force me to look at all sides, rather than just the one staring me in the face. You make me stop and think. You also taught me that life is too short to rush through it all, looking for problems to solve right and left. What really matters isnít whether the window is two inches too high or too low. What matters is the view, and who is standing beside you.

A partnership takes two to work; one to complement the other. I give you a little nudge when your record gets stuck in one groove, and you stop me long enough to listen to the music. I know it has to be incredibly hard to compare where you are today with where you were yesterday, but have faith, my love. Weíll get through it.

By karolinakitty On 2010.04.21 20:03
Shakydog ..... why don't we call it just overanalyzation.... I couldn't help but chuckle when i read it. It sounds so familiar with my guy.

Mylove.... Ditto .... mine says i run not just circles around him but through, above and below. :) He has taught (and it's still a work in progress) me the patience to move a little slower and look before i leap. To realize life is too short to dwell on the past and enjoy what there is in the now ....

Shakydog .... you may look it at it like a problem, but, it is a quality some of wish we had. The ability to go over something and make it right, the way it should be. Whether it's because of the PD or the drugs, or even the slightest hint that you may not be the "man in the head" you used to be, You are still loved and looked up to. Your wisdom, obviously, is still wanting to be learned by others.

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