For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By Emma On 2010.04.26 04:08
annwood, I miss your posts. You have been such a help and support to all of us. I hope that your absence from the board lately is because you are doing something fun. Em

By karolinakitty On 2010.04.26 07:13
Ditto that Emma .... I hope she's on some cruise enjoying life!!!!!!!

By hubb On 2010.04.26 09:48
Ditto that ditto - I too have wondered where Annwood was - she always has such good advice - sure hope she's doing something fun too.

By dkleinert On 2010.04.28 01:33
Annwood - you were the first one to help me several years ago when I was so lost in this awful are such a blessing to all of us. I, too, cheer you on to having fun, finding peace and happiness wherever you are - you soooooo deserve every minute of it. Love and Hugs.

By lynn On 2010.05.02 21:38
Where are you Annwood?

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