For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By mezmo On 2010.04.26 09:24
Would anyone recomend the use of a hospital bed? My 78 year old mother with PD can not seem to find a comfortable position to sleep in. We have to put six pillows around her. Someone told me to avoid the hospital bed because then she would not want to get out of it. I just want her to get a good night sleep but i do not want to givie up the fight.


By Pearly4 On 2010.04.26 10:11
I've never known anyone who slept well in a hospital bed! Before you buy, try renting one from a medical supply house -- you won't be stuck with it afterwards. We gave up and let my mother buy herself one of the adjustable ones when she argued about the rental business -- she slept in it a total of three times before it got moved to the basement! Maybe try some foam pads or sheepskin for comfort? My mother slept with multiple pillows too -- we tried everything and I think comfort is just something that isn't an option after so long. Best sleep she seemed to get was on the couch or a recliner.

By mezmo On 2010.04.26 10:15
thanx pearly for the advice. My mom has been asking for the hospital bed. We have tried the recliner but she does not like it. She says "i can't get out of it". She can not get out of the bed either but she does not seem to realize that. I will try the pads and see if she likes them.

By parkinit On 2010.04.26 11:33
Along this same line, my spouse gets in bed and says, "I wish they made sheets that you could push your body more up in the bed with." He just cannot seem to get situated in bed properly - especially because he has two torn rotator cuffs that need repair. He's afraid to fix them because he is concerned he won't be able to move at all in bed. I try to assist, but when I hold his back, he winces. He has a grab bar (one that slides in between the mattress and box springs).

By Pearly4 On 2010.04.26 12:34
I've seen poles that can mounted to the floor and ceiling - they have horizontal bars that rotate to assist getting in and out of bed. I really wish we'd done it - I think it would have been a big assistance. We did try mounting a bike hanger (T-bar shaped with adjustable height and extending maybe two feet to the right and left) to a plywood platford and sliding it under the mattress. It had the advabtage of being portable and we could move it to the couch andplace it under the cushion -- it provided her some support for getting up and down though she didn't always have the strength to rotate and lock it and we still needed to help. And we toyed with an overhead trapeze to enable my mother to get in and out easier but it didn't come to that. Just another couple ideas for both of you.

By mezmo On 2010.04.26 12:42
thanks for the suggestions but my mom does not have the strength to move herself at night. that is our problem. when the meds are not working she is stiff as a board and cannot move. it is so heartbreaking to watch. she is 78 and has had PD for going on 5 years. night time is the worst. she is starting to hallucinate at night. see people who are not there. she is fine during the day. just wondering if we will ever have a good night sleep again.

thanks for listening.

By Pearly4 On 2010.04.26 12:57
My mother was stubborness personified and lucky too, I guess. She always maintained some degree of mobility at night. Her doctor did tell us we could use her medications during the night as well as before bed, and just before waking. You might want to check with her prescribing physician. Hers gave us a maximum dosage to be administered and time frame (no two doses within two hours of each other) I think. She was on Stalevo which is a combination of l-dopa and comtan, a medication that extends the life of the L-dopa. If you're able to afford the Comtan it can be taken separately but with the L-dopa. Without taking L-dopa its worthless. Basically I guess I'm saying that medications can be tweaked to assist with the whole night time thing which would help with the urinary problems as well I would think. Takes a physician who cares unfortunately - they're in short supply.

My mom had the hallucinations (vivid dreaming?) at night also - always thought she was falling out of bed or stuck in bed. We'd hear her calling for help all night and took turns sleeping in a "quiet" room away from her to get some rest. At one point we finally resorted to placing her mattress on the floor -- she could drop to her knees and crawl into bed - freezing didn't occur when crawling for some reason. She could also "roll" out of bed and crawl to the bathroom as well. As her mentation cleared, we first added the box springs on the floor, then finally the remainder of the bedframe. It came and went several times in her 5 years with us.

Keep posting - it helps to voice your concerns if nothing else! Sleep will come - its like being a new parent - you wonder if that child will ever sleep through the night!

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