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By LC On 2010.04.28 14:22
We will be going on a vacation soon. Is there anything I need to know about PD and flying? My husband has early stage PD and is currently taking Azilect 1.0mg per day.

By Emma On 2010.04.28 15:22
I don't know how disabled your husband is by his Parkinson's but what I've learned about flying with my husband is to have him dress simply, no belt, jacket or extra stuff and shoes that slip on and off easily. Getting through that initial security check can be a pain if they have trouble getting clothes and shoes on and off. If you are taking medications in your carryon bag have them organized and easily accessible so you can show them to the security people if they ask. Also, we were pulled out for a secondary security check one time and they were going to separate us. Potential disaster as my husband gets very nervous and confused in unfamiliar places. I told them that he has Parkinson's and dementia and that we needed to stay together. They were actually very cooperative and nice about it and very kind to my husband. I know that other people on this board have traveled by plane so they might be able to give you some more info. We always take either a walker or wheelchair and the flight crew help with that. Have fun!

By parkinit On 2010.04.29 09:40
My husband and I traveled to Singapore and Vietnam a few years ago. Good advice to heed that we received:
1) Get copies of prescriptions in case you should lose your meds while traveling. Your doctor can help with this.
2) Make sure all the pills you take have original "script" bottles, not just in the pill packets.
3) Allow time during the day for rest periods. Traveling is stressful - especially for the Pder and they may need more naps/rests than usual.
4) Stay on schedule with the pills. Traveling for around 20-30 hours was very hard on my spouse, but we tried to keep to the "hours between pills the same" even though we crossed through several time zones, etc. Ease back into the visiting time zone slowly with the pill schedule.
5) Have PDer drink lots of water. Good advice for any traveler!
6) Maintain a relaxed, flexible schedule for your trip. We found we had the most problems when we overscheduled or were inflexible in our plans.

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