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By mylove On 2010.05.01 08:58
On my mailing list this morning was the notice that ceregene had opened up new trials, Phase I and II, to new patients. I hadn't followed that product very closely, and the link they provided didn't work. Anybody know what's up with Ceregene?

I googled it and found the press release, but what I'm really wondering is if anyone here has any experience with this drug trial. Here's the link.

By karolinakitty On 2010.05.01 12:36
I checked out PA Unniversity medical center and this was the only link i found about the trials..... must have adobe to open.. it's a pdf file....

Also found this one on Alzheimer’s Disease......on their pipeline tab ...

By lurkingforacure On 2010.05.01 21:43
We saw one of the lead neuros at Baylor in Houston several months ago and he mentioned his facility was going to be doing a ceregene trial probably this summer, but approval from facility's board had to be obtained first.

Neurotalk, another forum (mostly PDers, some of the folks on there could be in the labs, the brain power there is incredible) has a gal who did the first ceregene trial and is still doing very, very well. Her handle is Stitcher and you can go there and read her posts. PM her if you want and she'll get back to you.

The neuro told us the baffling thing about Ceregene is that overall the endpoints weren't met, but many patients did really, really well and continue to do so. This has led to an examination of how endpoints are set and what really constitutes a "failed" trial. Note MJFF continues to fund Ceregene despite the "failed" trial this last go round, and as I said, many people are doing really well on it.

Caveat: this is brain surgery and you can't get those genes out once they are in. For us, this translates into realizing that if we did Ceregene, we would be pretty much precluded from participating in any other trials that come down the path, including the PD vaccine out of Nebraska which I have my eye on, which is now also in the lab at Birmingham (and guess who is heading up that lab? Dr. Watts, who invented spheramine! Although that trial failed too, I know one lady who got it and said it literally gave her ten years back. This is why endpoints need to be really drafted carefully, so we don't shelve treatments with real potential...but that's now being done more than before, thankfully).

That's all I know about it. If you are really interested in it, I'd call up the places where they did the first round of trials and talk to either the principal investigator or one of his/her assistants. You'd be surprised how forthcoming and sharing of information that the trial assistants provide, they are really so very helpful. You can also call the company directly, although I would not expect them to say much, since they don't know if you're a competitor or spy for one.

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