For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By mezmo On 2010.05.03 13:01
My 78 yrd old mother (i think she is in stage 4) was admitted to hospital yesterday because for the past 4 days while sitting down her blood pressure would drop to 59/34. i would put her feet up and her pressure would slowly climb back up. as with most park patients her BP normally runs low. i noticed while she was hooked up to heart monitor in ER yesterday that when she was having one of her "parkinsons spells" (meds not working, rigid and unable to speak clearly) her heart rate increased and BP shot up to 204/78! ER Dr. said EKG looked good. they are running tests for thyroid problems.

anyone out there have any BP drops and spikes? just wondering if this is parkinsons related or is something wrong with her heart? is there another test they can run besides and EKG?

By caregivermary On 2010.05.03 13:42

my husb has bp fluctuations and has had PD for 19 years. he has been through all the testing for heart, etc. issues and the conclusion was autonomic nervous system is not working as it use to.-degenerative changes. An ER visit just 13 months ago led to this DX. My husb is 75 with no other health issues but PD & dementia. He has been wearing compression stockings to keep the pressure up.

This may or may not be the case for your mom but a thorough evaluation may lead to this conclusion too. My husb wore a bp monitor for 10 days and also an EKG monitor for one week. He was seen by a vasular cardiologist who gave him a very thorough exam.

Hope this helps

By mezmo On 2010.05.03 13:54
thanks caregivermary. i hope all is well with her heart and it may be as simple as wearing the compression stockings.


By Emma On 2010.05.03 19:02
Flucuating blood pressure is pretty common with Parkinson's but my understanding is that usually the drops happen when the person stands up. We had a nurse coming in for a while and she would always check my husband's pressure when she was here. First she would check it when he was sitting, then she would have him stand and she would check it again. It sounds like you are getting good medical care. Compression socks are good, as is drinking a lot of fluid.

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