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By trapper On 2010.05.18 23:36
My 70 year old wife has had Parkinsons for about 5+ years and takes Sinamet
( 100/25mg) -- 5 tabs thruout the day, plus 1.5mg of Mirapex --- 1/2 tab twice/day. On the last visit with her Neurologist, about a month ago, he recommended that her GP put her on 1200 mcg of Vit B12 per day, and wean her off the Mirapex --- in one month. The Vit B12 hopefully will help improve her memory.

My question: has anyone else had experience with Vit B12 improving memory? Also, weaning off Mirapex?


By lurkingforacure On 2010.05.19 07:51
We tried getting off mirapex a couple of times.

First time, just getting off it slowly, disaster. The mirapex does work for my husband and he could not tolerate the pain. It has horrible side effects for him, but he was willing to take the brain fog and sleepiness to reduce his pain.

Second time, new doc tried to switch us off mirapex onto requip. Another disaster, but much worse because we are further along in the disease now. I think I posted about it here, you might want to look it up. We tried it for almost a month and it was like the requip had no effect at all. The pain was unbearable, my husband's tremors were all over his body and worse than anything we had ever experienced, it was really bad. We caved and went back on the mirapex.

Having said all that, I can say that originally we were put on 4.5mg of mirapex a day...that is a LOT. We have successfully weaned down to 2mg a day. We don't feel great but it's a balance between the lousy side effects of mirapex (main one: brain fog in a big way) and being able to function with the pain.

One thing I hate is that I have read several places that the PD drugs have side effects that are actually PD symptoms!

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