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By KDillon1024 On 2010.05.19 12:16
Hello everyone. This is my first post. My husband was diagnosed with Parkinson's last week. His neurologist prescribed Requip XL - 2 mg. My husband has taken it for several days during our evening meal. He is still very nauseated in the morning and during the day, very lethargic, and has had a severe headache. Not to mention, he is grumpy as can be which I certainly understand. I have been reading about the side effects of this particular medicine and it is really scaring me!! My husband is only 51 and has a job where he travels on occasion and will sometimes have to work a 7 day week. Could I please get some feedback from people who have had an experience with Requip. I just feel like he should request another medicine. What do you think? Thank you so much for your input. I'm sure I will be needing your advice and friendship quite a bit in the future! Karla

By karolinakitty On 2010.05.19 15:49
KDillion1024 ...Welcome to the forum my pdr is now 53, have had requip and requipXL and had good luck with both... no hallucinations, no obsessive behaviors... however nausea ...BIG TIME .... here's a way to get around it .... low protein intake ... or no protein intake.... i balance my meals with one day a normal protein meal and the next day no protein .. this has worked for us... he is on 12mg per day of Requipxl... he also takes his requip at night.. you are supposed to take it during the day... but with narcolepsy and the nausea it has worked out well.

Everyone is different and everyone reacts different. I have heard horror stories on the requip as far as obsessive behaviors but we have not experienced that yet and hope not to....

I'm surprised they started him out right away on such a high dosage.. we started with a z-pack at .25mg then worked up to 2mg within a 3 week period......
Just a pre-warning.. DON'T just stop taking it you have to be weaned off it or effects are crazy ... Never take it at meal time ... either 2 hours before or 2 hours after at the least ... we've been "playing" with this for over a year and a half , and right now we have it down ....

You have to what is right for him but and never do anything about changing things without letting the doc know. We let our neuro know we switched to nightime and since it's been working we are sticking with it....

Requesting another drug might no help him down the road. After awhile the drugs no longer have the effect they once had....
Starting on requip i believe is the norm. Sinemet is another drug for PD, but from the research and reading here I've done, the doasge only can go so high per mg, and taking it now, like i said may not be the best answer.

All Pd drugs have their quirks, some worse then others but if you get the chance to read former posts, you'll see the best and worse these drugs many here say they wonder if its worth it, but, mine says, he'll put up with the "extras" if he doesn't have to deal with what he was dealing with before hand.

Best of luck and ask anything ..... no questions are silly or stupid... and a lot of us just tell it like it is, not to scare, but to inform.

By Emma On 2010.05.20 09:33
My husband started out on Requip. We've never tried the XL. He never had any side effects at all with the it as far as nausea or anything like that and it helped a lot with his symptoms. Unfortunately, he is one of the people who developed obsessions (with sex and gambling) and that is a nightmare. He now takes just one small dose at night for restless leg syndrome but the obsessions are still there. I would like him off of it completely but he suffers so much from the restless leg that I can't bring myself to ask the doctor to do that. You do have to wean off it gradually if you change it. And I agree that you shouldn't do anything with meds without talking to the doctor first. You can get yourself in a world of trouble by messing around with medications. Good luck and I hope you stay with us.

By KDillon1024 On 2010.05.20 12:13
Thank you so much. I will watch for changes in my husband. He talked to his doctor, and for some reason, she will not budge from the requip xl. She doesn't want him on any other medication. He has only been on this for a few days so I don't really understand her reluctance. He actually was feeling a bit better this morning. It only took him twice his usual time to get ready for work rather than three times. thanks again for your reply. I have a feeling this board will become a lifeline for me. Fondly, Karla

By LOHENGR1N On 2010.05.20 15:55
KDillon1024, Hi and welcome to our forum. I didn't post before because I have no experience with Requip. However I might be able to help shed some light on Doctor's reluctance to use some Med's. Our Doctors are limited (these limits are being eased by research and newer medicines) in means to combat the effects and progression of our disease.

A prime example of this is Sinemet, this drug has a "honeymoon" of about three to five years then it's effectiveness begins to wain. Doctors will hold off generally until We reach a stage where this drug will benefit us most before using it. Really this makes sense if used at the onset what do we do when we really need it and would benefit most and the Doctor says you're maxed out and there is nothing they can do now. It is a juggling act, some medication has been approved by the FDA to fight Parkinson's but in the trial and approval period those in the studies were already on Carbi/L-Dopa so these med's were passed for use only if the patient is already on Carbi/L-Dopa and it can't be prescribed for use by itself. So it seems at times that Doctors are reluctant when their hands have been tied by bureaucracy and laws. Anyway you look at it this disease is a nightmare. Again welcome to the forum We're all here to help anyway We can. Take care, best of luck and hang in there.

By KDillon1024 On 2010.05.20 17:06
Dear LOHENGRIN - Thank you for your reply. We will just have to trust the doctor. She is part of the Vanderbilt Neurology Dept. and they do have a good reputation. I am learning that there is still so much to learn about PD. Everyone progresses differently and what might work for one person, doesn't work for another. It's good to have people to talk to and I so appreciate every reply. Karla

By packerman On 2010.05.20 17:25
welcome! my hubby is 53 and was diagnosed 15 years ago. we also see the docs at the Vanderbilt Neurology Movement Disorder Clinic. have them introduce you to Kelly. she's the Caregiver Coordinator. there are two support groups meeting in the Nashville area. she can give you the contact info, dates & times. it's been a godsend for me to have someone (besides this forum) who can relate with what we're going thru.

By KDillon1024 On 2010.05.20 19:25
Hi Pat - I guess we're neighbors, so to speak. My husband is currently seeing Dr. Cherdak. She is not a neurologist with the movement disorder clinic. She was just the first neurologist available to see my husband. He sees her again in June and I do hope she will recommend a doctor in the Movement Disorder Clinic - that only makes sense. If she doesn't, then he will need to talk to her about it. Have you been pleased with the Van. Movement Disorder Clinic? Someone told me they were one of the best. So glad you replied to my post. Let's keep in touch. Karla

By packerman On 2010.05.21 09:38
the Movement Disorder Clinic specializes in PD. it would be better for your hubby if you saw a doc there. it is a Nat'l Parkinsons Foundation Center of Excellence. they are all very good. we have been very pleased with the care he's received. i would ask for a referral.

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