For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By lurkingforacure On 2010.05.19 21:20
This is off topic but not mom who does not have PD has been experiencing some drainage of unknown origin and after going to no less than three specialists and her primary guy several times and multiple tests a seven month period, was told she had a fistula and would have to have surgery to remove it. She is 75 and this is a MAJOR surgery and on top of dealing with my husband's PD I was very reluctant to just jump in and schedule such a drastic surgery (they have to take the bad part of the colon out and the surgery is several hours long and recovery was I going to manage it?)

So, I did some major research and decided that before we go into that operating room we better get a second opinion...after talking with yet another surgeon specialist, we discovered that it is highly likely my mom's problems are really attributable to fecal incontinence and that the proposed surgery would do nothing to help that. In fact, the new doc recommended my mom try a daily enema with a solution she can make in the kitchen (really!) for a few weeks and if that helped, as he was pretty sure it would, surgery would be totally unnecessary and she would instead get a stimulator which is an out-patient procedure. Whoa!

I almost feel like celebrating, what a load off my back this would be, to not have that surgery looming ahead to deal with. I cannot believe no other doc thought that her problem could possibly be related to anything else-talk about our medical professionals being boxed into their thinking patterns. Thank heavens we got a second opinion, everyone should get one before undergoing surgery. It may turn out that we really do have to have that surgery after all, but this doc seemed pretty convinced my mom's problems are simply incontinence. Incredible, huh? This is a good lesson for all of us.

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