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By susger8 On 2010.05.24 08:28
Just venting -- my dad was commenting that he sure has a lot of doctors for someone who was really healthy all his life!

Last week he went for what was supposed to be routine cataract surgery. He had the pre-op testing (3 appointments for that), and this was supposed to be a quick surgery that would take a morning, and then two follow-up appointments. I still work (Dad has a live-in health aide), so each of those appointments means at least a half-day I have to take off from work. Well, the surgery didn't go well, and they referred him to a specialist to complete the surgery. Last week we spent all day Tuesday, all day Wednesday (and into the evening), and Thursday afternoon at the clinic. And he has another follow-up this Wednesday, so that's another half-day off from work. I'm not taking time that I'm not entitled to -- I'm using my vacation time -- and my workplace is pretty understanding, but I really worry that this looks bad on my work record.

(They said the surgery went well, but I'm not sure yet how well he can see.)

Next month he has three doctor appointments, all on week days. And his dermatologist left me a message to call them about the biopsy results from the three lesions they found, so I am assuming they all need to be removed. That's two separate appointment for each one -- one for the surgery and one to remove the sutures. Six days off from work. They don't have any evening or Saturday appointments. Don't they realize that people have jobs?

I have to get him (and myself) to the dentist too.

Sorry about all the griping! I am just in a phase of being overwhelmed by all these appointments. (I need to go get a checkup for myself -- long overdue. Typical caregiver behavior, isn't it!)


By packerman On 2010.05.25 11:16
i've started to take "planned sick days". my employer is also very understanding.
we schedule the psychiatrist, neurologist, family doctor, eye doctor, dentist, etc. on the same day so that i only have to take off one day every three months or so. it IS a lot on him physically, and it takes him a day or so to get his energy back, but it's working for us so far...

By Emma On 2010.05.25 12:59
When my husband was still working I used the Family Medical Leave Act to take him to his appointments. The only problem with that program is that you don't get paid for the time you're off. It was worth it to me though as I didn't have to use up my vacation or sick time. I hear what you're saying about the many appointments. I keep track of them because we deduct medical expenses on our taxes and the mileage is deductible. Last year he had 41 doctor appointments. Yikes!

By susger8 On 2010.05.26 08:23
I track the mileage too, for Dad's income tax, but he gets the deduction although I pay for the gas! Something's wrong there!

Good news -- only one of the skin lesions needs to be removed. Bad news -- now they require a pre-op physical, which adds an extra appointment. He just had a pre-op physical before the cataract surgery, but will the dermatologist accept that? Nooooo....

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