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By mezmo On 2010.05.25 14:40
neuro dr. prescibed gabapentin (neuontin) for mom (78) who has foot pain at night. he has started her off at 100mg but she shill has pain. went to PCP yesterday and he uped to 300mg. has anyone tried this med for pain?


By Pearly4 On 2010.05.25 20:14
Its used quite bit for chronic pain -- my mother took it for back and leg pain. Was on 300 mg 4 x a day for several years. Made her quite groggy in the beginning but that improved with use. I'd say it helped the pain quite a bit also - at least it was one pill she never complained about having to take!

By caregivermary On 2010.05.25 21:22
My husb was on gabapentin which is the generic for post shingles nerve pain with very little relief. After 3 months we changed to lyrica and it helped immediately.

By mezmo On 2010.05.26 08:42
thanks for feedback. i have a call into neuro dr. about the PCP uping the MG's. as i have posted in the past that my mom just wants to take as much medicine as they will give her. she just keeps asking for more of everything and the PCP will just give it to her. what bothers me is i can not get a straight answer from any dr. on what stage of PD she is in. should we still be fighting it or make her comfortable. but does comfortable mean all drugged up?

By Pearly4 On 2010.05.26 08:54
Hard situation -- but personally I read "make her confortable" and "fighting it" as the same thing. Parkinson's always wins -- but no, I don't believe giving her any and every drug she wants to take a good thing for anybody. My mother's general physician was fond of stacking pill on top of pill - at one time she was on 3 different antidepressants; one for sleep, one for anxiety and one for depression, in his mind. Drove her out of her mind and she had to be weaned off all three. At that point we took the Parkinson's treatment to a neuroogist and her psych drugs to a psychiatrist and let them prescribe only. Made things complicated sometimes and didn't make the GP happy, but she was safer and better medicated.

There may not be a straight answer to "stage" question -- research the two methods of staging online and make your own best guess, is my advice. Usually you will find that nobody has all the symptoms of any one stage, and may show signs of two or three levels.

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