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By caregivermary On 2010.06.01 13:46
for those of you who have someone in a similar stage of PD as my husb, is your PDer sleeping a lot? My husb sleeps(??) 11-12 hrs at night, gets up showers, dresses(with help), eats breakfast and reads newspaper(about1 1/2 hrs, then takes a nap(2 hrs), gets up eats lunch and maybe stays up for about 2 hrs, and then back for a nap again, up for about two hours and back again for a nap before dinner. This has been going on consistently for about 3 weeks. Noise is very bothersome to him as well as feeling cold most of the day. His appetite is just ok. I'm not sure what is going on here and I'm concerned. I understand being sleepy and fatigued are a big part of Parkinson's but this seems very different than what he has experienced in his 20 yrs with the disease. Any thoughts?

By Heedee On 2010.06.01 16:12

Mom sleeps a lot. She goes back to sleep after breakfast. She also naps in the afternoon. I know PD causes fatigue and sleepiness, but I wonder if she is depressed. She says she doesn't sleep at night, but the caregivers say she sleeps like a log.


By mrsmop On 2010.06.01 16:36
My spouse with PD took naps during the day due to fatigue, and then had trouble sleeping at night. In fact it was 2 A.M. when he couldn't sleep, so he got up, fiddled on the computer and had something to eat. This was when he missed the bed, fell down and broke his neck.


By lynn On 2010.06.05 17:06
I think as PD progresses they tend to sleep more.

By Emma On 2010.06.05 18:04
We have the opposite thing happening. My hubby has always had a sleep schedule similar to what you describe. We had him tested for narcolepsy at one time but lately he's awake most of the day. I'm not sure why the change. He's also cold all the time but his doctor says his circulation and actual temperature are fine and that feeling cold is from the Parkinson's. I can't explain the change for your husband. Have his meds changed? I always attributed the sleeping to my husband's medications but they haven't changed and now he's awake more. Just when you think you have things figured out ...

By hubb On 2010.06.05 19:34
My husband also sleeps a lot - today he has been in bed asleep off and on most of the day. He also has had PD for over 20 years and I think it's just their bodies are wearing out and they require rest to do even the smallest movement. Just hope this doesn't mean that he'll be awake and up about 2 a.m. And he's always cold even though I keep him in sweat clothes for warmth. He hasn't changed meds so it's not due to that - think it's just such a drain on them with PD consuming so much of their energy and sapping their strength, that all they can do is sleep. These days every day is a new adventure and that's not necessarily a good thing!

By Lynnie On 2010.06.06 13:42
My husband also sleeps alot due to fatigue. He goes to bed around 10 or 10:30 p.m. and has to wake up at 7 a.m. due to meds. He then trys to sleep for another hour if possible, but usually gets up a watches the news as the cat wakes up if we get up. He usually has an hour's nap in his recliner after lunch, but sometimes I find he is naping before lunch too if he didn't get a nap the day before. I find that quite often he falls asleep watching TV at night especially after dinner. He is only 62 and diagnosed over 2 1/2 years ago. I think the symptomes started before that time though but we didn't know what what going on.
Anyway, fortunately he can still sleep at night even though he naps during the day. I find if he's had a busy time the day before, he is extra tired the next day and sleeps even more.
He thinks it's his medicaiton but I think it's just the PD working on him. He is slow doing things and can't roll over in bed without sitting up first. He doesn't have the strength to do things like he used to which is frustrating for him.
He is due to see the specialist in another month, so I am going to ask if his meds can be increased however, my husband doesn't think it will help. They also want to keep the meds in reserve for the future. He takes 1 1/2 carbidopa & levodopa 4 times a day now, so it could be increased, I would think, if the specialist thinks it would help. I don't know if he will help the fatigue or just the mobility though.
He was given medication to help him stop the sudden jerking while he sleeps in bed I (which he does all of the time), but it made him feel like a zomby during the day!

By Lotsapies On 2010.06.06 13:55
My husband also sleeps alot but mostly cat naps. He is up at 3-4 am-waits for the sun to come up-goes down and sits by the river (a ritual for a later post)comes back and goes to bed. He sleeps til 10 am. He stays up till lunch. Takes his meds and usually takes a nap until about 3. I get home around 4, he eats dinner and goes to bed til 1 am or so and begins again. He constantly is up and down and wakes me up. It is exhausting. He is on senimet 3x a day and a new drug DivalProex once a day. He also is on Keppra until next week 2 x a day. He seems very hyper.

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