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By trapper On 2010.06.06 17:33
My wife is 71 this year and has had Parkinsons for over 5 years. She is presently taking 5 Sinamet spread thru-out the day, as well as 1/2 tab of Mirapex twice/day.

She has an ongoing problem with constipation and there was an article in our local newspaper ( by Dr Gifford-Jones) advocating large supplements of Vitamin C to help with constipation problems. Actually, the article suggested eating bran cereal daily for breakfast as well as taking 1000mg+ tablets of Vit C. She plans on giving this a try, but we are wondering if there is a chance that the Sinamet and Mirapex meds might be adversly affected by the Vitamin C supplementation? I think that she would start with 1000mg Vitamin C/day (plus the bran cereal) and see how that works.

Does anyone have any experience with this?

Your comments please.

By lurkingforacure On 2010.06.06 19:27
We take a ton of vitamin C and also take sinemet (levodopa + carbidopa), mirapex, and azilect and have had no problems. I have never heard of vitamin C helping with constipation, though, you might want to research this forum for constipation to see what others have suggested, constipation is very common in PD.

I have read the following things help:

prunes, high fiber, "smooth move" tea, lots of fruit and veggies, exercise (any physical movement helps), there is a recipe on this forum for a prune jello-stew which you freeze in ice cube trays (we've never had to try this yet although have had some pretty tough rounds with constipation)...

This forum is a wealth of information and I'd do a lot more research to be sure the vitamin C won't make things worse! Good luck.

By LOHENGR1N On 2010.06.06 19:32
trapper, I don't know if the vitamin C will effect any of Her med's. I'd run that by the Doctor or Pharmacist to be sure. I know some med's like blood pressure med's are effected by grapefruit juice (sometimes to toxic levels). So I'd suggest asking either one of them and please let us know what you find out? Take care, best of luck and hang in there.

By Vajnar On 2010.06.07 00:27
I don't know if there are any interactions b/t PD meds and vitamin C, but larger dose of vitamin C do help with constipation. Linus Pauling recommended daily doses of vitamin C be 'titrated' with regular BM's some years ago. At any rate, he wrote a book on vitamins.

By Emma On 2010.06.07 07:40
I don't know about the vitamin C, like others said, check with your doctor. We have an ongoing problem with constipation. My husband currently takes one capful of Miralax mixed with a beverage (it has no taste) twice a day and eats 6 prunes a day, plus high fiber cereal and lots of fruits and veggies, whole grain bread and pasta. For additional help he uses glycerin suppositories. Right now that's giving us a BM about every three days. It's a common problem with Parkinson's.

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