For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By LOHENGR1N On 2010.06.10 16:15
I received email today regarding SSDI and SSI problems for those with Parkinson's Disease. There is a downloadable form to help augment your medical records and explain better how P.D. interferes with your ability to work. I don't know if this form helps, will help or is anything anyone would be interested in. I was asked to pass it on to those interested. Here are the links;

This form is available at or by contacting the Parkinsonís ActionNetwork at (800) 850-4726 or

By karolinakitty On 2010.06.10 19:35
I filled out a similiar form, seperate from what was on-line. The determination folks sent it in the mail and i had to fax it back to them. The only thing missing on our form was the reference to PD. This was another item i had protested in the last appeal. I referred to that form, and asked how could he posssibly still be a chef when about 90% of that form was..... always......

I said... "That while it was good to have a general form maybe it should be geared to each affliction/disease: Fibromyalgia, PD, Epilepsy and so on. Since the American Disabilities Act provides for those who want and can work through their disabilities, there are cetain diseases that makes it impossible or extremely hard to work and keep up the normal pace of routine business. Some diseases like PD cause cognitive issues that prevent them from being retrained and retaining new things. Pd also has physical symptoms and side effects from drugs, that make it both uncomfortable and often humiliating for the person. Falling asleep while mid- sentence can be quite unnerving to the boss who is trying to conduct a business meeting or to have an employee start to snore mid-meeting."

I'm glad someone finally did something about it. I'm sure they have been working on it, I am so glad something came out.....our process here in SC really needed that.....

I'll have to send the paralegal who worked for the attorney we hired a copy of this link. She said in an email, that i should be a lobbyist .....

By 4steele On 2010.06.10 20:45
We are going through the beginning stages of this. My DH has been a nurse his entire life, but would now not be safe in any nursing environment. This is one of the hardest parts.....trying to convince others that he is not safe. (I am a nurse, too, and would not want him caring for my loved ones, in spite of the fact that he was the best nurse I have ever known for many, many years). There is something so wrong in the system. He has worked full time for over 30 years, but now is disabled from his PD/DBS and we can't get anyone to believe him. Sheesh.

By karolinakitty On 2010.06.10 22:27
4Steele .... I know where you are coming from ... I would highly recommend downloading this form and sending it to your disability determination folks. They usually send you a form letter when you apply. check out the signature and address as to where it came from. If there is a number it .. ask for the person that signed the form letter. They usually have someone answering phones and you will need his SS number to get access. Let them know your are sending this form and it needs their attention. Ask for return phonecall and be a literal hemroid to them.... that is the only way to get through. We normally don't want to be a pain to anyone but in this case you have to be....

Mine wroked hard all his life too. They figured he could still be a chef and kept denying him. I don't know if it's just here in SC that we have all the problems, but i know a friend of mine was on disability, granted in Ohio, but when she moved here to SC, she had to be reviewed and they denied her.

This form really lays it out there. I hope this helps all future folks with PD get what they deserve.

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