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By linger On 2010.06.26 23:20
My friend who has Parkinson disease has several side effects from the disease. He has a terrible stomach pain that will not diminish. All kinds of tests have been conducted and the doctors do not know what is causing the pain. I am not sure if the pain is being created by the cramps he is experiencing when he is constipated. He does not have any tremors but has difficulty walking and slurs his speech. If only he can find the cause of the pain and have it treated.

By karolinakitty On 2010.06.27 08:37
linger ..... mine had a great deal of pain and nausea when he was taking regular requip. We cut down on it alot and almost avoided the nausea by watching the proteins and adjusting the time of day when he takes his meds. Not sure if he knows about the proteins issue. but if you put it into the search here there are lots of poasts about it. Yes the pain may be associated with the constipation as we all know, but, the mix of drugs and proteins can cause that also as it irritates the stomach juices. He doesn't have to avoid meats and beans but can either cut back or change the times of day he eats and takes his meds.....usually at least a two hour window between meds and food. Docs will tell you to take some meds with food, however in this instance some people get more irritated than others and have to make adjustments.

By lurkingforacure On 2010.06.27 20:28
We had this too and finally attributed it to constipation as well...there are lots of posts on here about what to do about that, more water, fiber, lots of fruits and veggies, and of course exercise is huge because it gets things moving. Even a little bit of walking can help. Good luck, the pain is horrible, we know.

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