For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By micjeffers On 2010.06.28 14:01
As someone new to this board, I am comforted to be among friends who really understand the struggles we all go through. Support is so important. I do not have any family members who can help so it is all on me just like many of you. I am fortunate to be able to hire a home health aide who comes in three afternoons a week and Sunday mornings so I can go to a yoga class. This freedom is so necessary and makes such a difference. My husband needs help with everything and is confined to a power chair just to get around the house. I feel like I spend most of my days in the bathroom helping him there.

Once great source of support I found is a website called: It is a site that you build yourself using their template (really easy) - you can tell your loved one's story, post pictures and keep a journal of day-to-day life. I focus on quality of life issues and it helps to keep me positive. It also has a guest book where visitors to the site can leave messages. Then they can choose to have an email sent to them when you update the journal. I try to update weekly and always get some responses. It makes my husband feel really good to see the number of visits to his website - 600 in just over two months. It is a great way to keep family and friends in touch easily. As you know, most people don't know what to ask or what to say to you or your loved one. This makes it easy. Everyone who responded thanked me for doing this. It is a win win.

We can't get enough support.

By susger8 On 2010.06.29 08:17
I have heard of Caring Bridge but have not looked at it, thanks for the suggestion! The support and information I find here is wonderful.

Yoga is a total lifesaver for me. I think I would be in a looney bin without it. I hope it is helping you too.


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