For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By karolinakitty On 2010.07.06 17:03
Have i mentioned this before? I just love the fact that after going to the Movement disorder Clinic, we have a doctor that listens, but most of all hears the changing issues in a pd patient. I'm not saying that all neuros are like our general one, but, boy what a difference. It also helps that his doc there is the head guy and the students want only to please him. The interns with their 20+ questions really get into what they are doing and the "how to's" of interviewing a patient. We still have the DLB or LBD, the doc likes to refer to it as Lewy Body Disease, as a diagnosis, with an increase in the Aricept this time but not the requipXL. I guess that's good and bad. He also understands the frustrations of a younger(53) patient having dementia and not being able to communicate well, so he asks me for back up on things he can't get out of my guy. He also understands where we stand as far as dealing with this whole mess. He knows we are seekers of info and gives us all kinds of goodies. Here's one I didn't know:
Aricpet, when approved for ALZ and Dementia, was approved in the third stage of testing. All the patients were given the drug at bedtime, so as pharmacists and docs put that it should be taken at bedtime, it actually inteferes with sleep and kinda has a "rush" type effect when first taken. SO even though he was doing the melatonin and still having a little trouble lately sleeping, it just might be that the Aricept is causing the problem.
The only thing that concerned me was the upage in dosage of the Aricept. I know my guy has been getting even slower in the thought process, and not as much "on the ball" as he used to be, it kinda is sad to think that as much as he has progressed in the dementia that only being 53, what does his future hold in the realm of reality? He was progressing, what seemed to be so fast the first 6 months of diagnosis and now is still progressing at the same speed, even with the Aricept, how long will it take before the inevitable of total dementia. I guess it's all up to each person in their travels of this disease. How many times have we said that each patient is different?
As we all here have talked about intelligence not being related to dementia, the doc today had a small discussion with us about that also. referring to what we learned and the knowledge we once had, as compared to trying to learn "new" things or remember things. So totally different. He too knew folks who could discuss ceratin high tech and complicated facts but couldn't put the numbers on a clock correctly. The mind IS such a terrible thing to waste, especially when you have no control over it's decline.........

By LOHENGR1N On 2010.07.06 19:12
kk, I'm so glad you've found a Doctor you are comfortable with and can communicate with. It can make a lot of difference in this fight. There is it seems nothing so frustrating as a Doctor who is so busy or not current in this field who only nods their head and takes notes, dismissing questions asked without comment. Leaving patient and caregiver/partener bewildered and confused. Good for you both! Take care, best of luck and hang in there.

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