For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By Michele On 2010.07.06 19:09
I signed on as Micjeffers recently but changed my login to Michele.
My husband has delusions called Capgras delusions or Delusional Misidentification Syndrome. It happens with a person or a place. He believes that there is a person who is identical to me, who knows everything I know and sounds like me but is not me. Actually, this is not too distressing since he always tells me later. It usually happens at breakfast. If I leave the room for something and the come back, he tells me that the "other Michele" was talking about our banking issues. He doesn't get upset about it and I can just let it go. What really is distressing is a late afternoon/early evening delusion that this is not his house. He knows that it looks identical to his home and has all his belongings but it is not his home. He will tell me he wants to "go home." I'm usually pretty tired by this point in the day and resisted this for a while but realized it was useless. I finally gave in and got him in the minivan (rampvan that accommodaes his chair easily) and would drive to a convenience store or ATM or get some frozen yogurt and go to the local park. Even if we just drove around for 10 minutes and then went back home he would go back into the house without a problem. This doesn't happen every day.

Anyone else deal with this? Any other ideas for dealing with delusions. I know that it is not possible to argue or use logic as this is their reality. Distraction can help but when he wants to "go home" nothing can distract him.

I value the input and wealth of knowledge that you all possess.

By lurkingforacure On 2010.07.06 19:38

We used to have a great contributor here named annwood. You need to go back and read her posts-her husband did exactly the same thing. I remember it well because she is the only person who ever posted about this. If I remember right, her husband was a professor at a teaching hospital and he was convinced every aspect of their home had been duplicated down to the contents of the closet, every detail. She said he was amazed that "they" who had duplicated his home had gotten every minute detail exactly as the original. She lost her husband after 18 (I think) years of PD and contributed for awhile after that but I haven't seen her post in awhile, unfortunately. She was a nurse as well as caregiver and had excellent advice and insight. I miss her terribly but am happy she is free of the caregiving role, she's earned some great golden years.

Anyway, read her posts and I hope they help you. I haven't read about many people have this delusion, but honestly, I also think pretty much anything goes in PD. I do remember there was no special drug the docs gave her husband for this, or at least I don't think she ever mentioned they did. Good luck.

By shirley On 2010.07.06 21:31
Michele, My husband started with these delusions after a hospital stay for a fractured hip in October. It continued off and on all winter and into the spring. I did exactly the same thing as you....take him out, drive around, and return home and then he would settle down until the next time. He continually said that he couldn't understand how someone could duplicate our house down to all the pictures, pillows, etc. He would sometimes get angry with me when I tried to make him realize that he was having a delusion. Sometimes I would play along and other times I would be so exhausted I would just get up and leave the room. He finally stopped in mid April or so.

Here it is July and he has started again. He is also having more problems with the parkinson's symptoms, ie tremors and dyskinesia. His stalevo was increased two weeks ago, but I think the parkinson's is progressing. He is almost at his optimum dosage of stalevo.

I wish I could be more encouraging. My husband is 76 and I am 60. He was diagnosed in '99 but there were symptoms long before then.

By Emma On 2010.07.07 08:32
My husband has Capgras too. It seems to come and go. He has never thought that there was a duplicate of me, it's always the house. It confuses and distresses him but not as much as it does your husband. He just seems a little leery and nervous about being in the duplicate house. After a while he will start asking me things like whether ot not we can eat the food in the refrigerator or use the bathroom. After a while it passes. I'm grateful for the tip on taking him for a ride when it gets to that point. Thanks!

By Michele On 2010.07.07 16:40
Thanks for your feedback. My husband hasn't had these delusions for at week or more. Who knows why they come and go? It is reassuring to hear from others about delusions and hallucinations. The books and literature I've read all focus on early and middle stages of PD. No one likes to talk advanced stages and dementia so it is so comforting to hear honest experiences from others. Thank you for being there for me.

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