For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By hubb On 2010.07.07 23:47
My PD spouse now seems to be unable to shave himself - last couple of times, he cut himself several times. I wondered if anyone knew a good electric razor - I have bought several over the years for him from the cheapest to the most expensive and he has never been totally satisfied with any of them. Now that I am going to be helping him shave, I'd like to get a good electric razor that will shave close - he likes to shave just every other day and looks pretty grim by that time. Kind of ironic - PD slows everything else way down, but his hair & beard sure haven't been touched by it. I'm also having to help more with the showering...almost in there with him...that used to be romantic in the old days, but now it's just plain old hard work - ah, the joys of PD.

By Emma On 2010.07.08 04:30
hubb, We have so many things in common. Shaving and showering are problems for us too, my husband was cutting himself and missing big patches so I bought a fairly expensive electric razor. He could use it but it didn't do a great job and he still missed a lot of areas. Then I started helping him. I tried the electric razor first but I wasn't good at it, it didn't get all of the hairs so I would have to keep going over the same area, which was very irritating to his skin. Now I shave him with a regular razor. If he's too weak or tired to sit while I do it I have him lay on the bed and I bring a washcloth and bowl of hot water into the bedroom and do it while he's lying down. It's a lot of work so we generally shave him every other day. If there is a good electric razor out there I would like to know about it too. By the time I get him showered, shaved and dressed I'm exhausted. It's harder work than you would think isn't it?

Another note on the grooming issue - since my husbands mobility has worsened and it's hard to get him out to go anywhere his barber agreed to come to our house to cut his hair. What a blessing that's been!

By packerman On 2010.07.08 09:30
my hubby gave up last year and grew a beard.
he is able to keep that trimmed pretty regularly.
we buzz-cut his hair for minimum maintenance.
sometimes you've got to "go with the flow"...

By hubb On 2010.07.08 14:15
You're right, you do have to go with the flow and you learn to overlook things that bother you. I have always made the bed as soon as we got up, bedspread, everything. Nowdays, my spouse is apt to go back & lay on top of the bed for naps if he's tired of his chair, so I've learned to make it up but leave bedspread off. Don't like it as I'm used to neat & tidy, but that goes out the window sometimes so either you go with the flow or you just have something else to stress out about.

By Michele On 2010.07.08 15:27
I too am still learning to go with the flow. My husband's power chair constantly damages the wall, scrapes the wood furniture, dents the kitchen appliances and on and on. He loves chocolate so there's always chocolate stains on the rug. I'm still getting used to it but still have a ways to go. My Pdr has been using an electric shaver for years. We still have not found one that really does a good job. I keep looking at the Norelco "Architect" but it's over $200 and it's not worth it just to try it out. His barber has offered to come to the house and did on one occasion. It's so good for him to get out that I like to take him to the barber as much as possible.

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