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By Michele On 2010.07.11 20:53
My husband has had a very soft voice for about two years. He has had speech therapy twice but refused to practice what he learned. Like everything else, it is worse when he is tired. Some days he refuses to speak at all and uses hand signals. of course, some of his hand signals are all the same and it is very frustrating for both of us (mostly me). At times, his voice is so soft that I have to put my ear right next to his mouth and still can't make it out. after all, I have old ears. I always have to translate for others. I heard about a new "app" for iphones and ipod touch called "Proloquo2go." it is very expensive ($190) but seemed promising so I got and ipod touch and downloaded Proloquo2go today. Using the touch screen, he touches icons in a series of screens to construct a sentence which is then converted to a voice - you can choose from various voices. I was concerned that he would not be able to use it as he is having cognitive problems but decided to try it anyway. He was able to use the touch screen without any problem even though he cannot use a keyboard (his fine motor skills in his fingers is bad). He is still playing around with it and has been able to construct some sentences. I'll keep you posted. If you are interested in seeing a demo you and go to and search for proloquo2go.

By karolinakitty On 2010.07.11 21:48
Sounds awesome .... My guy has the iPad and an iPhone, it seems the touch pads are so much easier for him to use rather than the keyboard of the computer. Even though he has the keyboard to deal with touching the screen seems to be easier. Mine too has cognitive issues but handles these things better than me. It's funny becuase with the tremors you would think touching the screen and making your mark would be harder. But i do remember a gentlemen from my home town in Pittsburgh who created a touch pad for his daughter who had, i believe, MS, and this had words and stuff so she could speak and communicate. Anyway, i guess it's something with the touch pad that makes it easier........

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