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By rmshea On 2010.07.13 21:35
Noticed this on a Fox news story..does anyone have any experience with this? Was it useful/helpful? It emphasizes large movement and loud voice.

By LOHENGR1N On 2010.07.14 00:12
rm, It's been around for quite awhile (Lee Silverman Voice Therapy or Treatment), I've heard mostly good things about it. That said I'd ask if the Neurologist could recommend someone (checkout the local hospital and your elderly and aging counsel also). Local voice therapists can probably provide as much and as well as LSVT. Also contact one of the Parkinson's Disease organizations for free booklets on voice exercises. I just clicked on the LSVT site and they want $33 for booklet on voice exercises. The site looks very expensive so I'd try online and local before buying inflated products myself. Take care, best of luck and hang in there.

By packerman On 2010.07.14 10:00
hubby had it just before Christmas at Vanderbilt and it was covered by insurance.

it is a series of intense one-hour voice lessons for 4 days per week for four weeks.

it has helped him be somewhat more understandable, but he isn't practicing like he should...

By Michele On 2010.07.14 17:45
My husband has had speech therapy both at home and outpatient. His neurologist referred him to Lee Silverman Speech therapy but did not know where we could go to find a therapist. After much searching I could not find one in our area. Because it is intensive, four days a week for four weeks, travel was not feasible for us. Besides, my husband wouldn't practice what he learned from other speech therapists. I wish you luck in this. The Lee Silverman method of touted to be the gold standard. Hopefully your loved one will benefit from this.

By sannph On 2010.07.15 16:22
My husband went through the intense 4 week voice therapy last October and we saw improvement by the end of the 4th week. However, it requires continued effort and practice so now his speech is about the same as it was before we went. If you can find a therapist close by and can go occasionally after the 4 weeks are finished it might be helpful. The distance was too great for us to do extra sessions. We did have a wonderful therapist who gave many helpful tips, both for speech and swallowing issues.

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