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By ByyBye On 2010.07.25 17:26
I had been reading this forum trying to understand Parkinsons when my 77 year old mother was diagnosis with it on June 4, 2010. I lost my mother on June 30, 2010 and I believe it was to an UTI. I had no idea she had UTI until June 5 when I found her on the floor unresponsive. She was always in pain so she was on morphine for her pain. She was taken to the hospital and they said she suffered a mild heart attack and they believe it was from the urinary tract infection. My mom had back surgery in August but I believe that pain she was experiencing was Parkinson and her doctors never figured it out. It took me to bring her to California to get a diagnosis. On December 24, 2009 she had colon cancer surgery and she never walked after that surgery. I am trying to tell the story of how fast she left after that UTI. She was placed in hospice care with me on June 9. I believe she got another UTI because she was complaining of her side hurting. I called hospice (I believe the morphine covered the UTI pain). The hospice gave her meds for the UTI but the pills was huge she could not swallow big pills because of the Parkinson. She was not able to get another prescription in liquid form because it was less than 30 days per the pharmacy. At that point she had totally stop taking medication and eating. She would clenched her teeth for the liquid meds and food she would not open her mouth. I believe she just gave up on living because she was never going to walk again and the pain was just too much for her. I watched my mom take her last breath on June 30, 2010 at 1140AM. I guess I am wondering what the connection is with UTI's and Parkinsons. I thought the colon cancer or heart attack would take her life not a UTI. I just wanted to share my story and let caregivers who are taking care of love ones with Parkinsons to watch out for UTI's. I should of taken her out of hospice and placed her back in the hospital to get it treated. I know this probably sounds stupid but when the doctor put her in hospice care I did not think I was going to lose my mom in twenty-one days. I was told she was placed in hospice because of her heart attack. She was in good spirit when she left out of the hospital.

By Michele On 2010.07.25 19:12
I am so sorry to hear about how you lost your mother. My husband with PD had a devastating experience with a UTI when he was 64. He had been diagnosed for a few years but was able to function well. He got a UTI that put him down very quickly. I left the house when he was feeling perfectly fine and came home a few hours later and found him on the floor. He was so weak he could not get up and I could not help him. I called 911 and got him to the ER. The doc there told me it was a UTI and that because of his PD it could be very serious. He was hospitalized for a week and then went into a rehab for a month. He got an evern worse infection in rehab - C Diff - and went back to the hospital. This time he was in ICU for a week and did not get discharged for another week - back into rehab. He experienced another hospital stay and another rehab. All in all, it was three months before he came home. After all of this, he was no longer able to walk and has been in a wheelchair ever since. PD devastates the immune system and the body cannot fight infection. I am extremely careful of any cuts he gets to make sure they do not get infected. So as you experienced, UTIs can be life threatening for someone with PD. Your mother went through a lot and had several serious medical conditions going on at the same time. It is tragic that some as seemly minor as a UTI can be so lethal. I know you are still reeling from this experience and how quickly you Mother passed away. I hope you continue to visit our forum to gain more understanding about PD. There are a lot of caring and wise people here.

By ByyBye On 2010.07.26 03:47
Thank you so much. Your husband's experience with the UTI is so similar to my mother's. I will continue to visit the site and learn about Parkinson's because I never got a chance to even understand what Parkinson's was before I was making funeral arrangements.

By Emma On 2010.07.26 04:11
I am so sorry to hear about your loss and everything your mother went through. I am also very grateful to you for sharing your story. There has been a lot of discusssion on this board about UTI's but your post made me realize just how serious they could be. Because of your experience I will be much more vigilant and prepared if my husband ever develops one. Thank you for that.

Peace and blessings to you.

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