For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By arlenecram On 2010.07.28 13:49
My husband is now having a lot of trouble with buttons. I heard that there was a tool that I could get to help him with the task. I have been doing it, but if he is able then maybe it would be bettter. Does anyone know where I can get this---or what it is called. I have looked online but haven't found anything.

Also---I am reading "Caring with Courage and Compassion" By Susan Hamburger. Her husband had parkinsons. I would highly recommend this book..

By LOHENGR1N On 2010.07.28 15:32
arlene, Basically the tool is a pen sized or so piece of wood with a loop of wire attached to the end. Think in those sewing kits that have the thing to help thread the needles. You push the loop through the eye the thread goes through the loop, you pull back and the thread comes through the eye with the loop. The loop is pushed through the button hole then you lasso the button and pull the loop back with button. (to me it sounds like a lot of rigamoreroll.) I don't have any experience with these myself. They also sell snaps and Velcro stuff to go under the buttons which fasten the shirt with less fumbling. I typed, adaptive clothing for the handicapped, into my browser and aol popped up ton of sites you might take a look at. Hope this helps. Remember though somethings sound so great but can be more work than what they're replacing. Maybe others on here have tried this? Hopefully you'll get some feedback if they have. Take care, best of luck and hang in there.

By Emma On 2010.07.28 20:10
Hi arlene, when my husband was getting in-home services the Occupational Therapist got one of the gizmos you're talking about for him. He couldn't figure out how to use it, probably because of the dementia. Anyone with tremors might have a hard time with it too. If you wanted to try one they have them at The one they carry is called the Good Grips Button Hook and it's $7.95. We have had better luck with adaptive clothing. For shirts we use either pull ons or the ones with velcro closures hidden under the buttons. Otherwise I do the buttoning. We also use pull on pants that I order from the internet. My husband wasn't crazy about the adaptive clothing at first but when he realized how much easier it was he started liking it. Good luck!

By arlenecram On 2010.07.28 21:13
The shirts with the velcro might be the answer---where do I find those?

By Emma On 2010.07.29 04:01
You can buy them on the internet. Do a search for adaptive clothing and a lot of online stores will pop up. I've had good luck with

I hope you find something that works!

By mylove On 2010.07.29 09:13
Just my two cents, but....

Even button up shirts can be pulled over the head. Just leave the majority of the buttons done up when they go on the hanger, and leave undone enough to pull your head through (as in leave the top two buttons undone, for example). It's an easy step when you do laundry, and your PWP still has that 'nicely dressed' look without having to fuss with the buttons. It still leaves one at the top to do (if you wish... some people leave that one open anyhow) and the cuffs, but if that's the only thing to help with, all the better. If it were a big issue and it were me, I'd put a velcro dot on the cuffs instead (but leave the button as a false button, so it didn't look out of place) and be done with the whole thing. That way they can still enjoy their favorite clothing and not have to feel like they're wearing something awkward.

Just a suggestion. I've been watching Shakydog do it for ages, and I was struck by how genius the idea was. Thinking about doing it myself.

By arlenecram On 2010.07.29 21:39
Thanks for the replies.
I like the idea of having the shirts buttoned up---so he can pull it over his head especially since I just invested in several new shirts. Thanks...

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